How To Arrange Picture Groups on a Wall

Picture frames hanging on the wall

Hanging some favorite pictures on the wall is a way to add focus, sense of style and new dimension to a room. Grouping them together adds more flair and artistry in the display.

Here are some basic rules in hanging pictures and ways you make groupings of pictures with better artistry.

1.    Pictures should be hanged at eye level for two reasons. One is so that these pictures are easily viewed and second, the eyes will be led to look at the pictures which are the room’s focal interest. Ideally, you can measure five feet up from the floor to the middle of the picture to get your eye level.

2.    Picture frames can give the illusion of height and width to the walls. If you have narrow walls, smaller frames work best, while bigger walls require bigger picture frames. For additional height, you can hang vertical frames and use horizontal frames to make your walls appear wider.

3.    Basically when hanging groups of pictures for a more interesting appeal, you can follow this guideline. The pictures should match according to theme, size and color. They should balance and complement each other. Arrange the pictures on the floor until you are satisfied with the grouping.

  • Even number grouping – this is a basic arrangement. Place the picture close to each other so that at a distance, they look as one single frame. Maximum distance should be about two inches apart. You can also place your two fingers close together between two pictures to give you a workable space in between.
  • Symmetrical grouping – using pictures with the same size or the same theme
  • Asymmetrical grouping – using pictures in different sizes and shapes but with one main thing in common, either in color or frame design

4.    Do not place your groupings in just one part of the wall. There should be overall balance in relation to the size of the wall and the size of the room.

5.    You should always measure and mark where you are going to hang the pictures to avoid unsightly holes on your wall.  The walls should be painted in neutral colors to highlight your picture groupings.

6.    Consider using mini spotlights or pin lights to give more emphasis and drama to your pictures and the room itself.

7.    For added depth, consider using a picture rail. It is a strip of molding where hooks can be attached. You attach nylon cords to the picture frames and hang them from the hooks on the picture rail. This is an option to avoid boring holes on your walls. Picture rails are versatile because you can hang it anywhere and give you the flexibility to change your picture arrangement without additional hassle. Metal picture rails in various colors are also available. There are also some that are U-shaped and can be attached to the wall. You place your pictures on the railing but it does not give you that much flexibility as the hanging one since the pictures are just side by side.

The pictures you choose should complement the room as a whole. Your taste is what matters. The pictures should reflect your style and should please you, as the owner.


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