How To Arrange Six Flower Buds

Many people want to get flowers every now and then, and while you can go to a florist to have flowers arranged, why not do it yourself? This article will show you how you can create a nice flower arrangement using six buds. To do this arrangement, you need to use small tubes or containers to hold each of the buds in place. There are two ways of doing this type of arrangement: either arrange the flowers in the traditional circular position, or you can do a straight line arrangement wherein you can view each bud individually. Below are some tips to help you arrange six flower buds.

Traditional Arrangement

  • Before going to the actual process, here are the things that you need for the traditional arrangement:
      • Six flower buds
      • Six flower tubes
      • Small container (vase or bowl)
      • Floral oasis
      • Moss and/or ribbons
  • Fill the tubes with water then put one flower bud in each tube. Place the six tubes into a small container or vase. This will hold each of the flower buds in a nice arrangement.
  • Break a small piece of floral oasis. It should be small enough so that it would fit in a little container like a small bowl.  Immerse the oasis in water thoroughly, and then put it inside the bowl.
  • Now you can put the buds in place. Always begin with the biggest (or the prettiest) bud and position it in the middle of the arrangement. Then, put the other five flower buds around it. Make sure that you place the buds evenly, and that the distribution of sizes gives an overall balanced look. Put some ribbons or moss in the flower arrangement if needed.
  • Use wire (or if you like, you can use floral tape instead) in order to make an interweaving pattern on top of a shallow dish. Then, pour water in the small dish and put the flower buds in the “openings” of the intertwined wires. In order to make this more attractive and neat, you can hide the wire or tape using ribbons or moss.
  • Decorate any one of the arrangements mentioned above by putting some more greenery, or any filler that you like.

Straight Line Arrangement

  • Here are the things that you need to make the straight line arrangement:
      • Six flower buds
      • Six votive cups
      • Container/ceramic tray
      • River rocks, sea glass or crystals
  • Get six votive cups and fill each one with water. Put one flower bud in each of the votive cups.
  • Place either the largest or the prettiest bud in the middle of the container.
  • For the remaining five flower buds, you should arrange them in a straight line when putting them on your tray.
  • As a final touch, you can put crystals, sea glass or river rocks around the votive cups. However, if you want to opt for a clean, modern appearance, you can leave this step out.

There you have it! With these simple steps, you can now make your own flower arrangement. Enjoy!


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