How To Arrange the Family Room

Arranging the family room can be easy or difficult based on how you look at it. It usually involves thinking of the best way to arrange the furniture that will make the family room look spacious yet with a lived-in feel. It is the place where you and your family members will gather after dinner and maybe watch a movie together or play some games for quality family bonding times. Here are some tips on how to arrange the family room.

  • Choose the right theme that will go with your existing furniture pieces. Take a look at what pieces of furniture are in there and which ones are frequently used. There may be some things there that are only occupying space and never utilized. It would be best to keep them in storage and concentrate on those that are used all the time. If you want a totally different look then you may have to do away with the large sofas and wide seats and replace them with modern and light ones in brighter colors.
  • Check the total space of your family room and visualize how many pieces of furniture will actually fill the space and provide enough seating area for all members of the family Leave enough room between the pieces of furniture to allow for easy access and free movement around the family room. They should be far enough to allow a person to walk between the seats yet close enough for people to hear each other when they are talking. The family room should be open and accessible from all corners so as not to disturb others who are already there. Consider the door or doors leading to the family room. The door opening should not be blocked by any piece of furniture but the seats should be easily accessed from the door.
  • Arrange the furniture in a way that will provide the most comfort as well as access to the home theater system and the stereo system. Place the home theater system against the widest wall in the family room. The arrangement of the furniture does not need to be formal. Place the sofas and other seats at an angle around the room, making the home theater system the focus. Use only functional furniture. Include side tables to hold books and magazines, a low table in the center to hold the remote controls and a place to put snack dishes. Even if the arrangement is informal there should be balance when you arrange the furniture. Distribute the large pieces around the room to achieve a good balance.
  • Include some well-chosen and well-placed accessories in the family room. Frames of family photos can be arranged on a mantel or shelf. Hang lively paintings or posters on the walls and use spot lighting to shine on the paintings. The accessories should be utilized to fill up some empty spaces in the family room but should not interfere with access to the room.
  • Include bean bags and large throw pillows that can double up as floor cushions. These will provide more comfortable seating for the kids who love to sit and lounge on the floor.
  • Light curtains on the windows will allow the sunlight to illuminate the family room during the day. A bright and airy room is more inviting than a dark and gloomy room. Install room lights that will brighten up the room evenly during the evening. Light dimmers will make the room cozy and with enough light when you want to have a movie marathon.

Moving your furniture pieces around and removing some that are not used at all will give your family room more space and make it a more comfortable area for the family to gather. Consider the access points into the family room, the total number of family members to use the room and giving everyone enough leg room to move and walk about will make your family room a favorite area in the house.


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