How To Assemble a Hole Saw

Hole saws are specifically designed for do it yourself home projects that require holes of various sizes. While drill machines can create holes, these are usually not enough for specific types of projects, such as when creating round patterns for a special piece of furniture. Perfectly round holes are also difficult to create using other types of saws. If you are planning on using a hole saw, here are the steps.

  1. Put the pilot drill into the arbor. Holes come in different sizes. Some hole saws can work with four inch holes, while others can accommodate larger drill bits. The hole saw works similar to a drill, but is created for larger holes on flat planes. Generally, the hole saw will work best with planks and plywood panels, but should not be used on solid materials such as blocks of wood. In assembling your hole saw, place the pilot drill into the arbor slot. The pilot drill comes with most hole saw packages, and is fitted to accommodate the hole saw bit at the other end.
  2. Place the saw hole. Choose the type of saw hole bit that you need. Most local hardware supply shops have the saw hole bits in various sizes. In some shops, you can purchase saw hole sets that come in a series of sizes to create various hole sizes in one or two inch increments. The hole saw bit will attach to the pilot drill through threads that are found in the arbor. Remember to screw on the saw hole bit onto the pilot drill tightly, otherwise the hole saw bit can come loose during use and can cause serious injury. Most hole saws have several screws that will keep the saw hole bit in place. Always screw on all of the attachments using the screwdriver.
  3. Lock the saw. Once the hole saw bit is attached to the arbor, you can lock the saw into place by pushing back the active head of the hole saw drill. Depending on the type of hole saw drill that you are using, the locking mechanism can be a latch, or a simple pull back motion that will click the device into place.  Most drills come with notches that you should latch the device head into. This will secure the drill into place.
  4. Use. Connect the hole saw drill to a power source and use the hole saw as normal. You can use the saw hole like any other drill machines. Push it forward onto the surface of the panel where you will create the holes, and use a steady grip to keep the hole as clean and smooth edged as possible.

Always make sure that you are wearing proper safety gear while using the hole saw. Drills will make considerable waste, especially when drilling through soft woods that create plenty of shavings. Saw holes will create more waste, especially since you are drilling through a larger surface area. Always make sure that you are using eye goggles to keep the dirt out, which can splatter onto your face.  With these easy steps, you should be able to use the whole saw to create projects that require holes in the surface panels of the pieces you are working on.


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