How To Assemble a Weed Eater

One of the perennial problems that many homemakers face is the backyard and lawn, especially when the rainy season starts and the grass begins to grow quickly. While the neighborhood grass cutter is always an option, an easier and cheaper alternative is to use a weed eater. Weed eaters are lightweight devices that use nylon strings spinning at great speeds to create an instant cutting centrifugal blade. Here are the steps to assembling your own weed eater.

  1. Attach the shaft. Most weed eaters need little assembly. However, the handle and shaft are usually separated from the actual motor, to minimize the space needed for packaging. To attach the shaft, remove the item from the plastic packaging .the shaft usually tilts at a 45 degree angle towards the user, to facilitate the easier use of the device. Depending on the model, you can attach the shaft through the threads in the head or motor. Simply screw on the shaft until it is tightly connected to the motor. Some have motors that connect to the shaft through bolts on the lower part of the shaft, which connects to a smaller shaft in the motor head. Screw on these bolts.
  2. Attach the handle. The handle can be attached by snapping the bars into place. Some will require you to screw on the handle bars. Some others can be attached with only your bare hands, using the grooves and indentations built into the top of the shaft. Once the handle bars have been attached, check the power mechanism for the weed eater. Some have buttons that can be attached near the handle bars, to allow you to control the weed eater easily.
  3. Attach the string. The head has a circular spinning bit which has holes where you can attach the string. The string should be bought specifically for the weed eater. Most weed eaters come with a set of strings, but replacements are easy to find in hardware shops, in case your strings break down after a few months. This is normal, especially if you are cutting the grass off large patches of land. Some strings come with attachment ends which will mount easily into the specific weed eaters. Some need to be tied down using knots.
  4. Fuel it up. Once the weed eater has been assembled, you need to put in some fuel to allow the weed eater to run. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to fuel consumption. Most weed eaters run at fuel rates of 40:1. Turn on the weed eater, and start mowing your lawn.

Whether you plan on using the weed eater yourself, or if you want to hire the neighborhood kids to do the job for you, the weed eater is a very useful device that will help you keep your lawn trimmed and looking healthy. Always make sure, however, that the weed eater operators know how to handle the weed eater carefully. The string attached to the device will become taut and can be very sharp once the weed eater is activated, and should always be used carefully.


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