How To Assemble an Upright Bookshelf

An upright bookshelf is multipurpose furniture that can hold not only your books, but other mementos such as photographs and small trinkets that you have gathered together from your travels. An upright bookshelf is also a very convenient way of organizing your materials, while keeping them within easy reach. For book lovers, this shelf is also a great way to display the prized books in a collection. If you want an upright bookshelf, here are the steps to assembling your own.

  1. Build the frame. Manufacturers such as IKEA provide ready-made upright bookshelves that only need some minor assembly. These are usually made from lightweight but durable plywood or synthetic materials with a wood finish. There are plenty of designs, panel textures, and panel patterns to choose from. To begin assembly, you need to connect the four main panels that will constitute the body of the bookshelf. These panels are usually connected through grooves in the edges of each panel. Usually, there are also angled connectors that will support the base of the bookshelf. Some other types of bookshelf will connect through screws, bolts, or nails that are packaged along with the rest of the upright bookshelf assembly kit.
  2. Attach the shelves. Once the main body of the bookshelf is assembled, you can attach the shelves. Depending on the height and model of the upright bookshelf that you have purchased, you can have as many as ten shelf levels. These will usually connect to the bookshelf through tabs and dents along the inner body of the bookshelf which will indicate where each shelf should be placed. Some upright bookshelves have removable tabs which will allow you to remove some of the  shelves and create larger spaces in the shelf for collectibles such as vases.
  3. Attach the partitions. The shelves, however, are  too flimsy to support much books. Because of this, most bookshelves have partitions between the shelves. This serves not only to organize the books but also to add support to the shelf levels. The partitions act like legs that will help to lift the weight of dozens of books that will be placed n the shelves. The partitions can be attached by simply sliding the partition walls in between the shelf layers. Most home assembly upright bookshelves have maps that will allow you to connect which type of panel with the corresponding partition.
  4. Other attachments. Some upright bookshelves also have small drawers near the bottom of the shelf. If this is the case, you will need to assemble the individual drawers. These usually have ridged edges that will allow you to slide each unit into place to create a box. This box will then fit snugly into the bottom drawers. You also need to affix the other embellishments in the upright bookshelf, such as decorative knobs, overhangs, and covers. Some people also paint their home assembled bookshelves to match the home's interior design.

Once you have finished assembling your upright bookshelf, you will have an affordable but durable storage space to put your books and collections in.


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