How To Attach a Patio to a Mobile Home

A patio can be a great addition to a mobile home. Not only does it add more style and character to your mobile home but more importantly, a patio room gives you and your family added space for a relaxing and comfortable quality time together while enjoying the view outdoors.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a patio attached to your mobile home, read the following guide.

  • Decide on the type of patio room that you want to be attached to your mobile home. You can choose from glass paneled styles, wooden decks and many more. The most convenient and most affordable type is a pre-built patio room. This type of patio room is factory made and all you have to do is choose the patio that you want and place your order for delivery.
  • Choose a location for your patio room and consider why you want to attach one to your home. Most families enjoy patio rooms for leisure and the added bonding time, some use it as their children’s fun and activity area. For these purposes, patio rooms are usually installed at the rear wall of mobile houses. This is the safest place to leave your kids unattended or simply indulge in the peace and quiet of your backyard with your friends and family.
  • Measure the area of the wall where you’ve decided to attach the patio room. Make sure that the frame is completely aligned to the platform and the connecting posts or studs in your wall.
  • Pay attention to how your contractors attach the patio room. Contractors usually install 2” by 4”inch boards on each connecting end of the wall and the patio room.  A 2” by 6” inch board extending from the top is likewise attached to hold the patio cover.  This will provide you with a well balanced structure so you are sure that the wall can effectively accommodate the weight of the entire room.
  • Make sure that the sides of the patio room are well mounted and would fit perfectly to the floor boards and the wall of your mobile home. Galvanized screws are ideal for this task because of their durability. Attachments will usually start at the left wall and would finish at the right.

Some contractors do not include weatherproofing services during the construction of the patio room so you have to do this on your own. Apply caulking along the perimeter of the 2 by 4 inch board that is connected to the wall. This way, you are assured that your patio room is protected against possible weather changes, water leaks and some insects, such as bugs and ants that may get inside the room through tiny cracks and holes.

  • Use your caulking gun and gently squeeze the trigger to release the gum.
  • Use a caulk smoother or simply wet your fingertips to even out the caulk finish.

There are a lot of prebuilt patio room designs that have built in panel and screen lattices which are perfect for good ventilation and lighting and added protection against insects and possible human and animal intrusions.  Do purchase a pre-built patio room with an insulated roof. This will deflect sunlight and excess heat, keeping cool and fresh air circulating inside your patio.


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