How To Attach a Pergola to a Facia

Pergolas are attractive architectural features that you can attach to your home. These are oftentimes used as pillars for climbing plants or as extensions to an outdoor feature such as the garden or another pavilion. Some companies manufacture pergolas, but these are oftentimes pricey, not to mention the construction fee and manual labor of the installers. The good news is, you can actually attach pergolas to a facia on your own. Follow these simple tips to help you get started.

  • Inspect and reinforce the facia. The existing facia board may have to be strengthened further to assure that it can hold the pergola efficiently.
    • Reinforce the facia by attaching a 2” by 8” header board to it. If the sides of the facia board are not of this measurement, simply cut the header board to the exact length of the sides of the facia where the pergola will be attached.
    • Drill holes onto the facia board and the header board then attach the two boards together using durable log bolts and washers.
    • Make sure that the bolts sink at least 2 inches deep into the header board and the facia to ensure a well secured attachment.
  • Apply paint or stain the header board. Staining the header board and applying polyurethane seal will protect the board from various elements that can affect its stability.
    • Use a natural paintbrush or a bristle brush in applying your stain.
    • Make sure that the color of the paint that you are going to apply in your header board is the same color as the pergola’s. it is highly recommended that you paint both the header board and the pergola at the same time so you are sure that they have the exact same color.
    • Apply two to three coats of the polyurethane seal to ensure that the wood is completely covered and that the seal is well absorbed. Use only high-grade sealants that are used for outdoor constructions, such as a pavilion, a porch or a patio.
    • Allow the paint and the polyurethane seal to dry for 24hours.
  • Attach the joists. Use galvanized wood screws to attach the angled joist hangers to the 2 by 8 inch header board. This is where the pergola’s cross beams will be mounted on.
    • Make sure that you attach the angled joist hangers at the exact same intervals as the joists in the pergola’s design.
    • Galvanized wood screws are specially designed to protect the wood from weather changes, particularly the wet season. These screws are coated with alloy that prevents the formation of rust to keep the joists and the beams sturdy and waterproof.

Mount the pergola onto the header board. Attach the cross beams or the joists of the pergola to the joists of the facia, then fasten each joists hangers with galvanized wood screws to secure them in place.

Make sure that you have all the right tools before you begin the task. Keep in mind that the pergola will be one of the permanent features of your home so make sure that you plan and carefully choose the design of the pergola that goes well with the whole structure and look of your home.


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