How To Attach Table Leg Braces

Building your own table is not hard to do but it requires some skill. This article will discuss how to attach table leg braces. A basic knowledge of woodwork and carpentry is needed to complete this do-it-yourself project.

  1. Gather materials. First of all, make sure that all the parts and materials that you will need is available in your work area. You will need all four table legs in the same length and nail screws that will secure the pieces of wood together like a nice tight joint.
  2. Screwing. Take out your screw gun if you have one (this will make the process faster) or a regular screw if a screw gun is not available. Take a counter sink (a gray tool that will help you make a hole in a shape that will fit the head of the screw. A counter sink costs about five dollars in the home depot or do-it-yourself shops. It is important to make use of proper tools when dealing with woods or in any wood carpentry project because when you screw in a screw without making a hole in the wood first may cause the wood to crack, break, or become brittle and your little piece of wood becomes damaged. The countersink therefore is a nice way to work on wood samples without damaging it. It also makes your little project look more professional.
  3. Using screw gun. Mark the area where you want to secure the joint. Once set, secure the pieces of wood with one hand and hold the screw gun on the other hand. With the countersink on the screw gun, go into the joint and into the table leg. Punch up to two holes so that you will have a nice and secure leg bound on the joint.
  4. Use wood glue. Using wood glue prior to making a whole will also help especially if you are working alone as it will it make easier to secure the wood pieces together. The wood glue must be applied generously, evenly spread on the wood. Let it dry completely before putting a hole to make sure it will not move and stay in place.
  5. Screwing in the right place. Using your hand, insert the screw into the hole made using the countersink. Hold it in place. Gently and slowly place it in using the screw gun. This will hold the table leg and joint together. It is usually common to place at least two screws to hold one leg and one joint so make sure you strategically place the screws in the right places.
  6. Finishing. Repeat the process on all legs and joints until you finish all the wood pieces you need for your table.

Once you finish all the legs and joints you need to put together, your table will be easy to assemble. Apply varnish to the finished project if desired. Always make sure to have all the materials you need prior to working to avoid delays in completing your work. Making a table should not be too hard to do. Enjoy and always keep safe in your work.


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