How To Attach Vines to Cement Walls

One of the ways to decorate the cement walls outside your house is to cover it with vines. These days, more and more people do this so that they can have a shade for their trellis or to improve the look of their plain cement walls. You might wonder how they attach the vines to the cement walls. The trick here is to choose the type of vine to use and also know how to take care of the vines so that they can be maintained and remain under control while growing.

Here are a few tips on how you can attach vines to your cement walls to make them more attractive:

1.    Types of vines. Before you start choosing the type of vine that you would like to use for your cement wall, it will be helpful if you know the different types of vines that you can use. Vines are grouped according to how they climb or grow.
  • Clinging vine. If you are going to use clinging vines, you do not need a trellis or wires for support. They are able to grow and attach themselves to the cement wall by themselves because they have suction-like parts on their stem that allows them to stick to the surface of the wall. An example of a clinging vine is the Boston ivy.
  • Sprawling vine. You have to make sure to maintain a sprawling vine as they spread quickly. If you are going to use these for your cement walls, you will need a trellis, wires or wood support for them to climb on. They will use these supports so that they can climb up the wall. An example of this vine is a variant of the rose, the climbing rose.
  • Twining vine. Twining vines can be attached to a cement wall if they find something that they can wrap around in. For this, you should also use a guide for them to start sprawling up your cement wall. One example of the twining vine is the star jasmine.

2.    Vine support. If you choose one of the vines that need support, one thing that you have to make sure of is that the support that you are going to provide will be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the vines when they are fully grown. As the vines develop, they get larger and heavier. To be sure of the sturdiness of the support, you can use lumber.
3.    Maintaining the vines. Another thing that you have to make sure of is to maintain your vines. Pruning them once in a while will keep them under control and prevent them from climbing places where you do not want them to be. One of the best seasons to do your pruning is during the wintertime when the vines are in their dormant stage.

These are some tips on how you can attach vines to a cement wall and how you can maintain them. Before you let vines climb up your walls, make sure that there are no cracks or crevices that they can grow into. Clinging vines are strong and they can crack cement walls when they grow into crevices. If you are using this type of vine, it is advisable to still use a trellis so that they will not completely cover the walls.


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