How To Avoid Tacky Decor

Believe it or not, you don't have to be an interior decorator to avoid tacky decor - a few simple things to keep in mind, some common sense and a theme can be all you need to help you avoid tacky decor and have your home looking well-decorated, a nice place to call home and which will be inviting to your guests. Take a few minutes to keep in mind a few simple steps, and you too, can avoid tacky decor.

  • Don't clash if you want to avoid tacky decor. This is important. There's nothing worse than walking into a room full of clashing patterns and colors. Don't choose from both warm and cool color palettes. And, of course, try to avoid mixing florals with stripes or plaids unless you do it only in small accent pieces. This will help you to avoid tacky decor that usually comes in the form of causing the room to look too "busy" with patterns and colors.
  • Avoid overly ornate pieces of furniture, mirrors, lamps, etc- if you want to avoid tacky decor. One or two of these type of items in an otherwise simply decorated room is fine, a room full of ornate furniture and accents and you only cause the room to look "gaudy." Gaudy is not the way to go. Not to mention, many of these items are over-sized and if you have small rooms, this will only cause your rooms to look gaudy AND over-crowded. Avoid ornate if you want to avoid tacky decor.
  • Don't go over-board with "themes" if you want to avoid tacky decor. A few nautical accent pieces are nice in a room decorated in navy and white... a room full of lighthouse figurines, pictures and patterns simply looks tacky. If you like certain themes and wish to incorporate them into your home, try to stick with simply styles furniture, a complementary color scheme in walls, furniture, floors and curtains. If you avoid excesses in these areas, then you can avoid tacky decor.
  • Monochromatic color schemes or neutral schemes can go a long way toward helping you to avoid tacky decor. You can put patterns or brighter colors with them, in the form of accent rugs, throw pillows, curtains, etc. A low-key color scheme with a few brighter accents can really make a room feel welcoming and inviting, and won't be "busy," so it can even have a calming effect on anyone who enters. As long as you stick with complementary or contrasting accents, a neutral or monochromatic color scheme can definitely help you to avoid tack decor- and won't be boring either.

There are many ways that the average person can avoid tacky decor. Simply keep in mind what's pleasing to the eye, avoid conflicting patterns or colors and use common sense, and you'll be able to avoid tacky decor too.


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