How To Balance a Washing Machine Tub

Washing machines tend to become unbalanced when the tub inside is full and overloaded with laundry on a specific side. Normally, new washing machines are able to manage the weight and continue the process while balancing the tub. However, at a certain point, your new washing machine will get old and the balancing mechanism that used to work for you will now work against you. When this happens or when the time comes that you need to wash heavy items like a nice comforter or thick blanket, you may find that the tub is unbalanced and if this is not fixed, then your washer may breakdown. To avoid this and keep your washing machine tub properly balanced all the time, here are some things you need to know about the matter.

  • Find out if the tub is unbalanced. Technically, the only way to notice if your washing machine tub is unbalanced is by observing the washing machine as you start a wash. You should notice that an unbalanced machine will shake and vibrate abnormally. This is because the tub inside is moving around and banging on all the four walls of the machine. If this happens, then you need to stop the wash and fix the problem. All the shaking and banging is not good for your machine.
  • Check the washer’s leveling. So, your washing machines keeps shaking and vibrating creating a huge ruckus as it spins. If this happens, stop the spin and inspect the washer. Most of the time, an unbalanced tub is caused by an unleveled machine. Check if the machine is leveled on all four corners. Make the necessary adjustments to level the machine at specific areas. You can accomplish this by adjusting the machine feet or by adding a couple levels of wood underneath the corner that is unbalancing your machine. Adjust the machine until leveled and see if it makes a difference.
  • Consider changing some of the machine’s parts. If your machine is old, then the shaking and banging of the tub inside could be caused by faulty and worn down springs, coils, and pistons that are responsible in balancing and leveling the tub inside for a spin. Consider getting these parts checked, maintained, and replaced by hiring a washing machine repair contractor. If your machine is still under warranty, bring it in to a service center for fixing.
  • Reduce the vibrations. If you can’t figure out the reason for the problem, you can at least reduce the level of the noise and vibrations of the machine by placing the machine on a stable floor. If your machine is on a wooden floor, then the sound and the vibrations should be amplified greatly. To reduce this, consider placing the machine on a concrete floor. If this is unavailable, then consider placing a thick ply board with a thickness of 1 inch underneath the machine on the wooden floor. This should level the machine and reduce the ruckus.

Aside from these tips, make sure to check the item you are washing and level it on the tub to help balance it as it spins. Now, if no matter what you do the sound and vibrations are still apparent, then it may be time to either get your machine repaired or buy a new one. The latter is the more desperate option though.


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