How To Brighten a Front Porch

Your front porch is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. Not only does it serve as a place for people to hang out when having friends over, but it also adds value and beauty to your home. This is why it is important to keep you front porch appealing and inviting. It also increases the welcoming feel of your home. One way to keep your front porch attractive to other people is by keeping it well lit for it to be seen. Here are some inexpensive, but effective, techniques on how to brighten up the front porch of your home.

  • Add plants. It is a great way to brighten up your front porch by adding floral arrangements such as potted plants and flowers. Be creative and at the same time make sure you choose the plants that have colors that contrast with your home. This way it will compliment not only the front porch but your entire house, as well. Another way is to put your floral arrangements on different kinds of pots or containers and at different sizes. You can also arrange your flowers by varying their heights so as to increase your porch’s visual interest. Make sure to put just the right number of containers and arrange everything properly or with style. Do not make your front porch look cluttered or cramped.
  • Add a welcome doormat. Buy a rug that is both functional and decorative. It should also compliment the rest of your front porch. Welcome mats add color and texture to your front porch. Make sure you get a quality welcome mat that would be able to remain in place even when people walk on it. Go for mats that can help remove dirt from shoes. It should also last long.
  • Add wall art. Wall art pieces do not necessary have to be expensive paintings or decorations. It can be as simple as a mailbox or a lamp. An attachable mailbox can keep your mail and magazines organized. This way you can get your mail and other subscriptions easily. You can paint your mailbox that contrasts the color of your front porch’s walls and even add stencils or decoupage that would complement the flower arrangements. You can also add lamps to literally brighten up your front porch. Make sure you put just enough lighting and not overdo it. You can even add floating shelves on your walls and display small antiques, collections, or even some of your plants.
  • Add furniture. Whenever guests arrive, they would definitely want to hang out at your porch. This would mean adding furniture to your front porch. You can put a sitting area with benches or comfortable stools. Again, make sure it complements the color of the rest of your front porch. Adding outdoor furniture will even make your front porch look more inviting.

Having a comfortable and attractive front porch will give everyone who sees it a good impression of what is inside your home. It serves as a transition from what is outside to what is inside and says a lot about your personal style and taste. Consider the suggestions above to give your home a warm feeling by brightening up your front porch.


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