How to Brighten Up a Dark Bedroom: Get Creative!

Dark, dramatic paint colors have become more popular in recent years and they have moved from kitchens and living spaces to the bedroom. And while deep hues can have a cozy cocooning effect which may be very desirable in a bedroom, too much darkness can make the room feel small and claustrophobic. When choosing color, remember that a color chip in florescent store lighting will look totally different in your home. It’s well worth the time and effort to purchase sample jars of paint to test colors on the walls of your room.

Of course, you can always paint over a color that turns out darker than you expect, but keep in mind that you will have to use several coats of heavy, tinted primer to keep the dark color from showing through the lighter one. And maybe you’d rather not paint. The good is that there are other ways to lighten up a dark bedroom.

Step 1

Think “Contrast”

Contrast is needed to keep dark colors from appearing muddy and overwhelmingly dark and you can add contrast in accent colors throughout the room.  White is an obvious choice that will always add brightness to a space, or you can choose pale neutrals such as beige or gray to create some visual tension and a break from all the darkness.

Another good way to go is to add color. Take a look at a color wheel: Colors that are directly across from each other on the wheel are complementary; for instance, red and green; or orange and blue; or violet and yellow. Adjacent colors are those that are next to each other on the wheel and they can provide an excellent color foil as well. Color will add more visual interest to a room that has too much of one dark color and you can add a neutral to the mix for transition; for instance, green, red and tan.

Step 2

Go Toward the Light

Light plays another major role in the perceived darkness or brightness of a room. Allow natural light to fill the space with window treatments that don’t block the windows; valances or side panels over flat shades or blinds let you have both your privacy and light control.

Make sure that your bedroom has three kinds of light which are required for every room – task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting. General lighting may be overhead lighting, floor or table lamps. Task lighting may be bedside reading lamps and accent lighting may be sconces used to highlight artwork.  A dark room will need more lighting than a room with light colors because darker colors absorb more light.

Step 3

Other Tricks and Techniques

• Use wall mirrors, vanity mirrors and free standing mirrors to capture and reflect whatever light is available and choose sconces or lights with crystals or reflective surfaces to brighten the room.

• Use white or light bedding and choose artwork in the same light tone to create contrast with the walls. The dark tones on the wall will make your artwork pop.

• Reduce visual clutter to make the space feel more expansive. Remember that the eye stops on anything that is busy. So, keep accessories to a few well-chosen pieces and keep laundry, prescription bottles and mail in its place.

Article written by A Davis who writes for - visit the site for the perfect scroll wall art and fleur de lis artwork.

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