How To Build a Bar Counter

One of the advantages of using a bar counter instead of a regular table is that the counter is more economical in terms of the space it occupies. It’s very useful to have one with you’re having afternoon snacks and little get together events with your friends and family members.

A bar counter is also a fairly simple project to complete. When you have the right materials, and if you’re fairly handy with plywood, you can install your very own bar counter in one afternoon. If you want to build your own bar counter, read the following guide.

  • First you need to buy or borrow the following construction materials. You will need a router, some laminate, and glue (the contact adhesive type). You’ll also need a belt sander and some plywood three quarters of an inch thick.
  • How big do you want your bar counter to be? A typical bar counter is around one and a half feet deep from the back to the front. If you want to use stools for your bar, you can have your bar counter three to four feet from the ground. If you prefer to use chairs instead, a lower height, around two to three feet, would be more practical.
  • Measure your plywood and cut it to the dimensions of the bar counter. Measure the length of your, mark up your plywood to cover the whole length of the bar, and then cut the plywood in such a way that it would cover the whole bar top. Then do the same thing for the thickness of the counter; this means using strips of plywood around one and a half to two inches thick for the sides of the bar counter. You can make use of the glue and some nails to hold the plywood together. Take note that some people find it very easy to work with plywood, and some find it a little more difficult to cut the wood without cracking it in several places. If this happens to you, don’t get discouraged; the trick is not to let your hands waver and to apply just the right amount of force. It may take some practice, but once you’ve figured it out, you won’t have any more problems with plywood in the future.
  • The counter can now be covered with the laminate. To make sure the laminate stays attached to the counter top, use the contact adhesive glue to make the laminate stick. When it comes to measuring out the dimensions of the laminate, make sure that its dimensions are slightly greater than those of the plywood. Make the laminate extend one to two inches further than the plywood that you used.
  • You know you did a good job of applying glue on the counter top’s laminate layer if it doesn’t peel off when you touch it. If it peels off, the solution is to add more glue and make sure to wait until it is completely dry.
  • Smoothen out the laminate. This is the part where you use the belt sander and the router. Use the router first to trim off the laminate. Then smooth off the counter top with the belt sander.

You’re basically done. Just make sure the glue has dried completely before you start using your new bar counter.


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