How To Build a Bedroom Storage Bench

If you’re lacking storage space, adding a bedroom storage bench to your bedroom can be a wonderful addition to your furniture. Not only is it functional and very practical, but it also adds class to your bedroom! It is easy to complete building a bedroom storage bench, and you can complete it in a matter of hours especially if you manage your time well.


You will want your storage bench to fit nicely in a certain area in your room, so measure the height, width, and length of the area, so you can design your bench accordingly. If you are placing it at the edge of your bed, the slightly narrower and shorter dimensions as compared to your bed will do; this way the size won’t be too off-base as compared to your bed.

If you want it underneath a window, make sure to measure the height that you want without letting the bench get high enough to reach the edge of the window. Try taking a stool, chair or other piece of furniture,  and see if you like that height. You can base your measurements from this. Remember that you are building a bench, so see if the height is comfortable for leisure sitting, for reading and such.


Now that you have your measurements, it’s time to determine which type of material to use. Plywood is the best type of wood to use for do-it-yourself projects even though it may cost more than other alternative materials like engineered wood. Now you’ll have to decide whether to use rotary plywood or sliced plywood. The only difference between the two is their surface.

For rotary, you have a smooth surface with typical “wood lines” while for sliced plywood, you have smoothed-out plywood shavings as your plywood’s grain. It really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you plan on staining your bedroom storage bench, then it would be best to use rotary plywood.


Purchase 2x4 wood posts that correspond to the length and width of your bench. Assemble these until it forms your base frame. Now you will also need 2x4s that correspond to the height of your bench. Purchase at least 8 pieces. Now attach the 2x4s height-cut to your base frame in each corner, and then add one in the middle of each side of your base (in the middle of corner posts) for more support.

If your bench is long, you can opt to add more posts for added support. On top of those support posts, add another “base frame” for the top of your bench. So in the end you should have two big rectangles, held up one on top of another by several support posts.

Now that you have your frame, cover all sides except for the top with ¾ inch thick plywood. You should have a total of 6 pieces, with two pieces per measurement (representing the sides, the front and back, and the top of your bench). For your cover, attach piano hinges and then attach this to the frame of your bench.

You are basically done with your bench. All you need to do now is sand it for a smooth finish and paint or stain it afterwards. If you choose to paint it, make sure to apply a primer first before your topcoat. Add cushions on top of your bench for a more finished look, adding both comfort and design in the process.


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