How To Build a Carousel Rocking Horse

Putting carousel rocking horses in your child’s room is one of the great ways to brighten up the room. Carving a horse from scratch can take a long time, but reproduction and ready-made kits are now available in the market for easy assembly.

Here are the instructions on how to build a carousel rocking horse:

  • Decide whether to carve or use a kit. You can actually build and carve the entire horse from wood, or you can simply buy a premade rocking horse kit. Buying the kit will make it easier to build a carousel rocking horse, and you can still personalize it by painting it yourself and adding some accessories. If you prefer, you can also get plans that are focused in carving horses from scratch. Unfinished horse kits are also readily available in the market.
  • Decide on the material. You can choose from a variety of materials when making your carousel rocking horse. The most common materials that are being used for this purpose include aluminum, resin and wooden horses.
  • Make the design. Decide on the size, dimension and style of the horse. Horses come in a wide variety of sizes. A small horse is more appropriate for a little child, and a full-sized horse is suitable for a bigger child. You can also choose from a wide range of poses. Some horses are posed standing and some are jumping, prancing and some are at rest.
  • Choose the base. You need to choose the style of the horse’s base. Fit the horse on a brass, wood or finial base. These are often included when you buy the kit for the horse base. Slider style and rocker style are the two most common bases for rocking horses.

Before buying your horse, make up your mind if you want the smooth or seamed style horse. Seamed horses are those that have two parts that come together. These have a raised stripe around the middle portion of the horse where the two parts meet. The smooth style horse,meanwhile, is just one continuous piece of material. In general, the seamed horses are priced lower than the smooth horses.

After finishing the whole set up of the horse, it is now time to paint it. The colors are really up to you. Use your creativity and imagination to create the carousel rocking horse that will satisfy you and your child.  A thin coating of brown paint or sealant may be applied on the finished horse to give it an antique look and effect. Apply a final coat of transparent sealant as final coating to preserve the horse and give it shine. Be sure to allow the paint to completely dry in between coats.

Those are the instructions on how to build a rocking horse. Additional accessories may also be put on the horse. Buckles, bridles, saddles, rosettes, and other bits and pieces can be mixed together to come up with a horse that is truly a work of art. You can even apply horsehair tail and mane on the horse for a realistic look.


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