How To Build a Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

Feeding birds in your garden or backyard can be an enjoyable activity. It’s even better if you have a stylish yet functional bird feeder to facilitate their feeding. Making your tray bird feeder requires some materials like screws, screw gun or staple gun, several feet of thin chain, fine screen (ideally 12x12 inches) four thin strips of cedar  (preferably 12 by 3 inches each), and an “S” hook.

  • Buy the materials you will use. You must choose the materials that are good quality but still affordable. You don’t need to spend too much money in making tray feeder. If you have some spare pieces of cedar wood, you can use these materials instead of sourcing new ones.
  • Make cedar strips for the sides of the tray. Cut the cedar into four 12x12x2 inch planks. Try to add a few extra inches in case you need to do some modifications. You can opt to modify the size based on your desired use. These will serve as the sides of your tray. Measure 45 degree angles in each corner and cut it for a more polished look. Attach each piece by using two screws on each side or a staple gun.
  • Use fine mesh or a screen as the bottom of the tray. Trace the tray sides into the screen. Add an additional inch and a half around the tray then cut. Place the tray sides in the middle of the mesh. Use a screw or staple gun to put the bottom in place. Be sure to handle the sides tightly before doing an attachment to balance each side. Trim the excess mesh.
  • Hang the cedar feeder securely. Hang the feeder in a sturdy tree in your backyard. Make sure to choose one that attracts birds. Put a screw in each corner of the tray. Attach the chain through all the screws. Make sure that your chains have the same length to ensure the balance of the tray, when hung. Make the chains meet in the center of the tray and attach them into the “S” hook.
  • Place another chain securely around a strong branch. Hang the tray at the end of the chain using the “S” hook.
  • Start feeding the birds. Place the bird feeds or the seeds in the tray and wait until birds come to visit it. Make sure that you clean the tray regularly, at least once a week, to avoid rusting and weakening of the tray. Try to fill it up every other day or so, depending on the number of visiting birds you get.

Making a cedar tray bird feeder is not that hard to do. Having one in the backyard will bring much delight to animal-lovers. The presence of birds can add to the beauty and serenity of your home, providing a more natural and relaxing ambiance. If you are a lover of nature, try this easy and fulfilling project that you can do in your spare time. It will not only be functional, but also a stylish addition to your garden. 


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