How To Build a Cheap Fence

Fences are important to households because they protect people and belongings. There are different ways to create a fence and it will help you if you’re running out of money. Below are some ideas on how to build a cheap fence.

Large rocks

  • Dig a 1 foot wide trench and 3-4 inches deep for its short wall, while for its high wall, dig 6-8 inches deep.
  • Fit the stones tightly together in the trench to form a firm foundation for the succeeding layers. The rocks must decrease in size as you build up your wall. Your wall will become more stable because it slightly slopes from its base to the top.
  • Continue piling the stones along the wall’s length. Remember not to use similar rock shapes and sizes in a section so there won’t be any vertical or horizontal seams that will make your fence unstable. Put smaller stones or rocks in the gaps of larger rocks so there won’t be any holes.

Barbed Wire Fences

  • There must be a gap of 50 feet or more on every end post. Dig holes through a pole hole digger or a spade. Each end post must be 3 feet deep, while 2 feet deep on each line post. The diameter size must be adequately large to fit each posts inside.
  • Set-up the posts and fill any openings in the holes with dirt. Add trampled stones around the foundation of every fence for extra stability.
  • You can secure the barbed wire to every end post by utilizing durable wood staples. Run the barbed wire to every line post then secure it with staple, repeat the process until there are enough barbed wire to cover your fence. Ensure that the barbed wires are pulled tight so there won’t be any saggy parts. The length of the wire must be 2, 3, or 4-foot higher than the ground.

Bamboo Fences

  • Dig holes that are 1-foot deep. There must a 4 feet gap between holes. Put the bamboo into the holes. Use a string to ensure that the bamboo tops are leveled. Fill the holes of the post with crushed rocks or sand for stability. There must be 6, 12, and 24 inches (from the top) intervals from the posts’ inside. Drill lead holes through every marking so the bamboo won’t split.
  • Attach a keyhole saw and a drill then bore out holes. Boost the power slightly if the bit is already in the hole. Drill the posts completely.
  • Hammer a 24-inch rebar to the ground to protect the posts. Every post must be firmly pushed down until the rebar gets through the diaphragm of the bamboo.
  • Use straight canes for cross boards so the panels of the bamboo fence and its inner dimensions will match. Put in the crosspieces; rotate each crosspiece until it’s straight. Nail each crosspiece to the post using a long nail to penetrate it. Don’t strike the bamboo using a nail because it will crack. If you’re having a hard time installing crossbars, just widen the holes using a wood rasp. Use a string in tying the vertical canes to ensure that they are leveled. Trim canes facing upward, to the nearby joint end.

There are different benefits for every type of fence. You can be creative and resourceful in creating your fence so you can save money.


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