How To Build a Clear Acrylic Display Case

Plastic is an attractive and versatile material that you can use in many ways. It is shatterproof, strong, lightweight, durable, easy to cut, and it comes in different colors. Acrylic is an obvious and wonderful option to use in display cases, storage containers, bookshelves, and other various shelving needs.

You can create your display case in any size or shape of your choice. The following instructions will guide you to create a simple and clear acrylic display case.

  • Select a motif for your acrylic display case. The motif will be your guide for your displays. Create a separate motif for every set of your collection so you can easily distinguish one collection set from another.
  • Use a cutting tool in cutting a 6 equal size Plexiglas squares. Choose a particular size for each acrylic display case that you need for a certain set of your collectibles. The Plexiglas sheets must be stabilized during your cutting to minimize the vibration so there will not be any rough edges, and melting. Ensure that the Plexiglas squares are in perfect or accurate shape.
  • Use a sander to smooth the edges of your cut so you can have a perfect flat finish. It will also help you glue the pieces easily.
  • Use a tape to attach 5 of the 6 Plexiglas pieces into 4 walls and a cover. Just use 2 pieces of tape on each side after gluing them. The glue that you will use will wick beneath the seam in between the Plexiglas pieces so ensure that you will cover the whole seam with tape so the glue will not mess up your display case, thus affecting the physical appearance or aesthetic appeal of your acrylic display case.
  • Attach the 5 pieces of Plexiglas using acrylic cement. You can try buying acrylic cement online if it is out of stock in your local hardware store. Just put the 6th piece of Plexiglas in a safe place.
  • Dry your acrylic display case overnight. You can achieve maximum bond in 24-48 hours. Just put the display case where it is safe from kids, and put a “don’t touch” sign so people will not touch or move it.
  • Use a hot glue or epoxy in attaching your items or collectibles to the base of your display case. It is important so your items will not move around especially when you will move it in another location.
  • Use a glue to fix the base of your display case to its body. Let it dry overnight. Do not forget to use 2 pieces of tape on each side
  • Use a map gas torch to smooth the cut edges of your display case. It is great so you can achieve a glassy finish.

Here is a recap of the things that you will need in building your acrylic display case: square, plastic sheets, plastic cutting knife (you can also use band saw or table saw), painter’s tape, sandpaper, acrylic cement, map gas torch (optional), electric sander, hot glue or epoxy (optional).

There are plastic distributors who can help you with your project. You can browse magazines and websites for further ideas on design so you and everyone who will see your acrylic display case will enjoy it.


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