How To Build a Commercial Backyard Greenhouse

With hype about the medical and economic benefits of green gardening and eating local, many people are beginning to grow their own produce. In some climates and conditions, however, this is less than ideal. Hope is not lost for those who wish to garden either in a difficult climate zone, or in the off season. A Commercial Greenhouse can drastically improve the quality of your fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

In order to build your own Backyard Commercial Greenhouse, you need to first plan where it is going to go. A greenhouse needs to be in an area that gets most of the day's sun. The area must also be fairly level, or prepare to worry about spills and drops inside the greenhouse. In many cities, you need to have a permit to place any structure on your yard. Check with your local authorities before purchasing any kits. They will be able to tell you what certification you need.

Once you have decided on where your Backyard Greenhouse will go, consider mapping it out on a sheet of graph paper. This will ensure no confusion later on as the work begins to pick up.

The next step you need to take in getting your Commercial Backyard Greenhouse up and running is to choose your style. The two most popular are the A-Frame and the Quonset. The A-Frame is a triangle, and the Quonset is an arch.

Many material kits for building a Commercial Backyard Greenhouse are available for retail, or you can easily build your own.

If you want to build your own, place your greenhouse bows on 4' centers to protect your structure from the elements. For added support, concrete each bow deep into the ground. With the A-frame, you need to have one purlin, for the Quonset, you will need at least three. The purlins are the structural support going across the top of your Commercial Backyard Greenhouse.

Use pressure treated wood on the perimeter of the greenhouse. This will be the structural support for the greenhouse. Construct your end walls, leaving a door hole for ventilation.

The next step in constructing your very own Commercial Backyard Greenhouse is to choose a covering. There are many options available, each having its own pros and cons. Consider buying an eco-friendly film with a long life. This may be a heavy investment, but it will be well worth it. You can discuss the benefits of each with your local rural supplier. Using either a pneumatic nail or staple gun, firmly attach the sheets of film to your Commercial Backyard Greenhouse. Once the film is secure, anchor your greenhouse into the base, and consider tying it down with rope and stakes. Bring in shelves, dirt and seeds. Watch nature work its magic.


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