How To Build a Compost Bin on a Budget

Building a compost bin helps you and the environment in many ways. Lesser biodegradable garbage, fewer garbage, and more organic fertilizer will be very beneficial for the environment. For you, it will be better health and cheaper garden maintenance. You don’t have to buy organic fertilizer anymore and you can eat organic fruits and vegetables, which are healthier than their commercial alternatives.

Unlike other ways to go green, building your own compost bin can be as cheap as you want it to be. In fact, you don’t even need a compost bin if you are willing to dig a compost pit. The latter works similar to the bin, only that a compost bin is more flexible for use since you can use the organic fertilizer on more areas.

There are many ways to build a cheap compost bin. Two of those are described here. Regardless of what you will choose, the first step is to decide where to place the compost bin. Consider that the compost bin will produce stinky smell. That is certainly undesirable for everyone so better keep the bin out of anyone’s nose.

Wired Compost Bin

You will need heavy gauge wire mesh fencing, plastic cable ties, metal stakes, and wire ties to make this one. Consider the planned size of your compost bin when deciding how big the wire mesh should be.

  • Create the wire bin base. Make a circle out of the wire mesh. It should be two inches bigger than your planned base. Install wire ties on the circle base to help it keep in place.
  • Make the compost bin wall. Make a cylinder out of the mesh. It should fit on the circle. Tie the two ends of the wire mesh with wire ties or the plastic cable ties.
  • Connect the base and wall. Use the plastic cable and wire ties for this. Place some metal rods on the base for better support.

Besides being cheaper, the wire compost bin can be easily carried around your garden whenever you need to spread some organic fertilizer.

Wooden Compost Bin

This bin is quite easier to build. Prepare four pieces of wooden pallets of your chosen size, four angle brackets, latches, and hinges.

  • Build the wooden bin walls. Set the walls straight up so they will form a square. Screw angle brackets on the wooden pallets so they will be attached together. Use two angle brackets to connect the three wood pallets. Leave one pallet unattached. You will work on this later with the latches.
  • Add the compost bin door. Attach the hinges on the constructed walls. Attach the other side of the hinges on the spare piece of wood pallet. You now have a door. Install the gate latch on the door and the wall and your compost bin is ready to serve. You may add a metal or wooden covering for the bin to keep the smell from spreading.

Besides making your own compost bin on a budget, you can also buy cheap yet environment-friendly compost bins. These are easy to set up and won’t even require any special skills. Consider buying a compost bin if you want to skip the thrill of creating your very own bin.


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