How To Build a Computer Center in Your Kitchen

There are benefits in setting-up your computer in the center of your kitchen especially if you have an Internet connection where you can easily find recipes for your everyday menu, and you can play any music that you want to suit your mood. But probably, you do not want to give up your counter space. So below are instructions and tips to help you build a computer center in your kitchen.

  • Planning. Tell your family members that you want to set-up a computer center in your kitchen. It’s most probable that they will agree because it brings many benefits. Visualize your kitchen if it is possible to put a computer center there. You can browse homemaking or interior design magazines and websites to look for possible designs for your computer center kitchen set-up. You can ask friends who have experience in interior designing to help you.
  • Remove some shelves in your pantry or closet and use the space as your computer table’s desk. Ensure that there is an electrical outlet near your computer set so there won’t be any disturbing cables that can cause unwanted accidents. Your computer table must have a shelf for your printer and scanner so it’s easy to print recipes and other documents instantly.
  • Set-up your computer unit if you have a kitchen alcove. The desk height must be comfortable to you. It’s better if there are bookshelves beside your computer table, so it’s like having a mini library at your kitchen as well. If you don’t have an alcove or a closet, just find an empty corner in your kitchen where you can set-up your computer center.
  • A shallow wire basket can help you organize and hide your power cords. Find the right size. Buy cup hooks so you can hang the wires under the desk of your computer table. Put the wires at the back part so your knees won’t hit it.
  • Internet concerns. Ensure that your Internet is firewalled if you have kids because as we all know, adult and violent sites are dangerous for our youngsters. Print or make a do’s and don’ts reminder card and post it on a wall besides your computer center so everyone can be reminded.
  • Computer sharing. It is helpful to have a schedule for computer usage. Besides using the computer as a resource to cook succulent foods, it can also be used for educational and recreational purposes. Computer sharing is important especially if you only have one computer at your home. You must allot time for your kids to do their study and research. You must become strict about that; you must not allow them to play computer games at their study time. Allot them like an hour or two to finish their research, so you or your other kids can use the computer.

Having a home office today is practical especially that work at home jobs is hot in the market these days. Optimize the use of your computer center in your kitchen and enjoy the benefits, just don’t forget that discipline is one important factor to balance information and entertainment while using your computer.


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