How To Build a Concrete Block Fence

The durability of a concrete block fence makes it an excellent option for anyone who needs a sturdy wall for protection.  Concrete block fences can also be designed to be very aesthetically appealing, and are often found grazing the gardens of many homes in suburban America.  A concrete block fence can be quite expensive to build, as concrete blocks and the supplies needed are expensive.  Building a concrete block fence is not too difficult, and a lot of money can be saved in labor costs if you do it yourself.  This article will give you the steps needed of how to build a concrete block fence.
The first step in how to build a concrete block fence is site selection and design.  You will want to pick a spot that makes the concrete block fence most effective, but also where installation won’t be too difficult.  After picking a site, you will need to design the concrete block fence.  You will need to take into consideration how long and tall the concrete block fence will be.
The next step in how to build a concrete block fence is gathering all necessary tools.  You will need enough concrete blocks to finish your fence, a trowel, mortar, hard lumber, and wet concrete.

After gathering all the tools, the next step in how to build a concrete block fence is building a frame for the wall.  Using wooden stakes, and the hard lumber you will want to set up frame that is at least twice as wide and twice as deep as the width of one of the concrete blocks.  After the frame is set, you will want to pour in the wet concrete, which will act as the footer for your step.
After allowing the footer to dry for three or four days, the next step in how to build a concrete block fence is to begin adding the concrete bricks.  To do this, with the use of your trowel, you will want to start by spreading a one inch coat or mortar along the top of the footer.  After spreading the mortar, you will want to lay the concrete blocks along the top of the footer.  Be careful to ensure that the first block is properly aligned as the rest of the blocks will line up with it.  Each block should be separated by a quarter inch of mortar.
After finishing the first level of blocks, you will want to continue the vertical process by adding on another inch of mortar and then another layer of blocks.  Keep adding more levels of blocks, until the wall has reached the desired height.  While building vertically, and with the use of a level, be sure to make sure each level of the blocks is even and balanced.


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