How To Build a Corner Cabinet

This article will not describe how you will exactly build your own corner cabinet. It is impossible to get a definite guide because corners have different measurements. But some guidelines on building corner cabinets will surely help a lot. So never start building your cabinet without reading the rest of the article.


For most people, the corners are wasted spaces. Corners are for decorative purposes only. Plants, elongated piece of art, a big vase, or a small couch usually eat up the corner space. What many people do not realize is that the corners can be a useful storage area—that is, if you build a corner cabinet.

The only problem is, corners can be very deceptive. That is why carefully planning is very important before going on with your project.

Before you start building the cabinet, make sure that you know its purpose. Layout the cabinet’s look so it can perfectly serve for its purpose.

Review the plan over and over again and revise it if you need to. Revising the plan is normal, anyway. What matters is that you have the perfect corner cabinet plan before you begin building it.

Building the Corner Cabinet

Unlike building other cabinets, corner cabinets are pretty easier to build. All you need are the basic woodworking skills and accurate measurement of the materials. This project may not be an easy one for beginners. Although possibly difficult, building a corner cabinet is a challenge for beginners. Only build your cabinet if you are confident enough of what you already know and what you can do.

Here are some precautions if you’ll be building the corner cabinet yourself:

  • Safety first. First time woodworkers are highly advised to wear safety gears when using dangerous tools like saws, drills, and other power tools. Goggles, mask over the mouth and nose, and gloves should be worn. Also, wear proper attire for this project. No accessory, please. Do not wear anything dangling like a loose sleeve or a scarf.
  • Work with a partner. This project will be easier for beginners if they have partners. Setting up the woods and putting them together will be more difficult when done alone.
  • Take the measurement twice. Double check the measurement before cutting the wood. It will be tougher work if you have to adjust the woods because of wrong measurement.
  • Use the proper tools. If you need screws to finish the job, then use screws and not nails. If you need to use hammer, then use it instead of hammering nails with a big stone.
  • Get inspired. See free corner cabinet designs from websites like WoodWorkersWorkshop. People create designs based on what they usually see. Discovering designs by other people might just give you the best idea for the perfect corner cabinet.

If you decide to hire a professional, just make sure that the person you will hire is experienced enough for the job. You don’t want to invest money for his skills if he will only waste your building materials.

Building a corner cabinet is a very clever way to utilize your once useless corner. But be careful. Not all corners can be installed with a cabinet because of the convenience, foot traffic, and blocked light.


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