How To Build a Curio Shelf

If you’re the type of person who can’t help but keep even the smallest of sentimental valuables, then you’d probably want to display these precious items instead of keeping them all boxed up and hidden in the attic. A curio shelf will be a good display area to house your little tokens. In this way, you can easily glance upon your personal mementos and be constantly reminded of whatever treasure of memories you secretly keep along with these seemingly innocent display items. Here’s how you can build a simple stairway style curio shelf.

  • It is most practical to keep all the materials needed in one area of your workspace, as it would be time-consuming and quite confusing to look for things you need in between work. You will need pieces of thick plywood according to the dimensions you plan for your curio; a good number of 1-inch long wood screws; an electric drill; a screwdriver; a wood saw; sand paper or wood polish; two paintbrushes; thinner; and paint of your desired color or wood varnish.
  • It would be wiser and less time-consuming to have an idea in mind of how many items you intend to put on display, and how big or small they are, so that you can have the plywood cut into just the right size upon purchasing them. Each piece should have the same exact dimensions. If you plan on recycling some old-but-still-sturdy plywood from your basement, sawing it according to the desired size is quite an easy task.
  • Scrupulously remove rough edges off of each piece of wood using sandpaper.
  • To know where to put screws for a firm attachment, imagine how you would turn these slabs of wood into a staircase curio.
    • Plane no. 1 will serve as the floorboard, plane no. 2 will be the height of the first step, and plane no. 3 will be the floor of the second step, parallel with plane no. 1.
    • With this structure in mind, use an electric drill to bore three holes across the width of the first plane. Strategically placing one hole at the center and the other two on either corners accounts for a strong attachment to the second plane. The same principle applies to attaching the third plane to the second. Build up your staircase curio to your desired height.
    • Now drive the screws into the holes. Make sure to buy wood screws whose sizes will match the drill bit. And it is important that they be long enough to reach into the second plane by at least half an inch for a secure hold.
  • Painting the wood before installation on the wall is preferred. It will be easier and more comfortable for you to paint them while each is in their individual and unattached state. It’ll save you from the danger of smearing paint on your walls. You may also use wood varnish in place of paint, if the type of wood you chose flaunts a naturally artistic hue and appearance.
  • Finally install your curio shelf on the wall. You can buy a suitable hanging kit from a home depot.

There are different types and styles of curio shelves. The one featured here is the simplest you can make in your own home, unlike the expert-made ones that have intricate designs. Nevertheless, starting with the basic structure will be your foundation for more complex curio projects in the future. Have fun!


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