How To Build a Deck Attached to a House

Decks are a very functional area in your house. They may serve a number of purposes for every member of the family, from casual chitchats to planned outdoor snacks; and even as play area for the children. What’s best about decks is that they offer an open-air site, thus proper ventilation is no problem at all. Building your very own deck that is attached to your house can be quite laborious. Here are the basic guiding principles.

  • Have a good plan. A plan will serve as the backbone upon which you can complete whatever project you want to accomplish. Get a pen and paper, and list all the things you want the deck to be. Ask for suggestions from your family members who will be part of utilizing the deck. Below are basic things you need to consider when building a deck.
    • The general purpose of the deck. Will it most likely be for dining, sunbathing, outdoor cooking, reading and relaxation, or for the kids’ play area?
    • The amount of sunlight or wind tolerable to the future users.
    • The security and privacy. Is there a need for an installation of screen for a specific area? Also consider the comfort of women and children, elderly persons, and the handicapped.
    • The view and design.
    • Accessibility to your home. Where do you want the deck to be attached?
    • The dimension.
    • The constructors.
    • The budget.
    • Availability of local requirements.
    • A thorough inspection of the area where you plan on attaching the deck. See whether it can seal off any drainage or utility lines. If you have no idea how deep the wirings are, ask help from a utility man before going into a fixed plan. Also consider if you will be setting up sofas or appliances in the deck. Can it accommodate all these things?
  • Design a deck structure that will match well with the things you plan on adding after construction. And mull over the design of your house. Usually decks are made about a few inches high, elevated to its base. Decks can be attached at any level of your house, at the garage or even in a roof arrangement. Decks have six components—the posts, railing, footing, decking, beams, and joist.
  • After the planning has been fixed and everything needed for the deck is purchased and gathered, then you are ready to wear gloves and build the deck structure.
    • Mark out the desired measurement of the deck using strings. Use a marker to mark the length and width of the deck.
    • Set up the area. Using a shovel, take away lawn, grass, or soil in 3-4 inches deep. Replace a cover, such as sand, wood, gravel or stone to the shoved area, to prevent the growth of grass.
    • Construct the header boards. Firmly fasten header boards to the walls of the house using bolts or lag screws. Get rid of the sidings of the house or create shims to directly attach the deck in a flat surface. To set up the headers, consider the measurements before taking away anything from the house.
    • Rent or borrow a power hole-digger in your neighborhood to easily dig holes measuring a minimum of 40 inches deep. Afterwards, align and place the posts, and then fill the holes with gravel and earth.
    • Attach joist in the part of the house with the headers. Set the joist up in a measurement of 16-24 inches.
    • Install deck boards, leaving a gap after each one. Use small finishing nails to do this easily and evenly. Attach every nail to the end of the joist for a stronger hold. Hammer each nail in a straight downward direction and never leave them hanging.
    • Determine how many steps to install, as well as how high each step will be. Consider children, old people and handicaps for this matter. Mark steps using thread.

Exercise your creative muscles, be equipped with the necessary materials and prepare your body for building a wonderful deck for your family’s recreation and relaxation. You can also try inviting interested friends and family members to take part in building. This is a great way to bond.


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