How To Build a Deck Covering

Your deck is a perfect setting for a number of activities. You can use it to entertain your close friends. You can grab a good book and enjoy reading it there. Or, you can just stay there, with the company of your loved ones. However, the location of your deck can make a lot of difference. If it is positioned on the south side, it is important that you plan to cover it. Your deck may easily become hot. You may just end up getting frustrated if you spend your time there. Here are some instructions on how you can build your own deck covering:

  • Begin with your old deck posts. Get new deck posts that are about 10-foot tall. Use them to replace the old deck posts, one at a time. Detach the old deck posts by pulling their nails or removing their screws. Then, position and fit the new deck posts exactly where you took out the old ones.
  • Prepare to bolt your new deck posts. You need to attach them to the framing. If your old deck posts were not bolted, you have to drill holes to your new deck posts. Then, put at least two lag bolts per new deck post. Each lag bolt should be at least four inches apart.
  • Mount your boards. Your boards should be 2” x 6”. Set them horizontally vis-à-vis the exterior wall of your house. You need to position them well so you can equal the width of your deck plus 6” on each side. See to it that the lower part of your boards is 8’ from the surface of your deck. Properly mount them by using screws, about 3- or 4-inch long.
  • Align your rafter hangers. Position them perpendicularly to your new deck posts. Allot two hangers per new deck post. Each should be 4” apart. Then, position your cross boards. They should settle on the hangers and extend at least a foot beyond your new deck post. Get the exact measurement and cut. The ends can be given an appropriate decorative treatment.
  • Support your cross boards. Get a board. It should measure 2” x 6”. Mount it horizontally. Make sure it expands across right outside the end posts. Screw the board for better hold.
  • Install your eyehooks. Each board should have a corresponding eyehook. The eyehook should be properly attached using a screw. It should also be set at least 1” from the topmost part of the board. Get a wire and a loop it into an eyehook. Then, place the lead camp on top of the wire. The lead clamp should be compressed. Use a vise for that. After that, pull your wire taut.
  • Hang your outdoor fabric. Your fabric should be able to cover the entire expanse, starting from your house and ending to your post – with additional 18”. See to it that you allot 2” more for every 18” of your fabric. If you intend to make your fabric an exciting decorative piece, allow 12” more.

You can finally install your awnings by sliding them on your curtain rings.


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