How To Build a Deck in Front of a Mobile Home

Do you want to improve your mobile home?  What about putting a front deck on?  It can certainly make your mobile home more attractive and stylish. It can also afford you some additional living space. Here are some guidelines on how you can build a deck in front of your mobile home:

  • Find out how far is the lower end of your doorway from the ground. Then, cut your support posts. They should exactly measure 4” x 4”. However, if you need to use them as a footer insertion, subtract an inch. If they are for floor band, deduct 2”. For instance, if the actual measurement of the distance from the bottom of your door to the ground is 48” (or, 4’), give an allowance of minus 4” for a footer insertion and minus 8”. For floor band.
  • Base the number of your 4” x 4” according to the actual size of your deck. Note, however, that if you are using the standard 12” x 12” deck can produce 9 support posts for you. It is also a lot more beneficial if you choose to use treated lumber. It is great in preventing damages cause by termite and weather.
  • Check the perimeter of your deck. You need to support it. Allocate a footer for every 6’. You don’t need to plant a footer underneath the ground level. A number of mobile home parks don’t permit digging.
  • Get a 12-foot long 2” x 4” board. You should nail it right in front of your deck. You can nail by using 4” x 4” poles. Continue adding the 12-foot long 2” x 4” boards to cover the side and the middle portions of your deck. You can directly nail them to your support posts.
  • Prepare your joist hangers. Hang them around, following your side support beams. They should be spaced properly. They should be 2’ apart, one after the other. You can secure them using some screws. The joist hangers should be firmly attached. If you wish to weather-proof your joist hangers, you can rely on electroplated screws or stainless steel.
  • Ready your 6-foot long 2” x 4” boards. Insert them cautiously into your joint supports. You may nail them for better and firmer results. Allow about 1/8-inch distance for every board. The distance is great for drainage. It can also put off buckling. If you intend to create the space, get a 16d nail. Drive it lightly directly into your support beams.
  • There should be a clearance between the last piece of your deck and the end side of your mobile home. You can leave about an inch.

Even your deck is free standing, it is going to look cool when you finally build and finish it. It is surely going to suit your mobile home. It is important that you verify if your mobile home park is governed by zoning laws. You can also double-check if your mobile home park association has specific rules in setting up decks.


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