How To Build a Deck Rail Umbrella Holder

A deck is made for a variety of uses. It can be a lounge in a lazy summer or a good spot to spend duty breaks. However, a deck can be quite useless when open to the elements of the scorching heat of sun. To still enjoy the sunny weather, a beach umbrella can suffice. Make sure it has something to hold it tightly. Set up an umbrella in your deck without trying to give it a renovation. Below is an easy procedure on how to build a deck rail umbrella holder.

  • Decide on the perfect spot you want to mount the umbrella. Consider things like: where you can get easy access to the dining table or where you always lay down and rest. Determine the area where the midday sunrays hit to lessen their penetration into your hangout place.
  • Make sure to choose a spot close to the deck rail. The rail is where you are going to mount the beach umbrella. If you don’t happen to get a suitable area that is close to the rail, then you will have no choice but do a little cutting off of a part of the deck to post the umbrella. The easiest and effortless way is by the deck rail. If however, there is no available rail in your selected spot, the best thing to do is to evacuate your favorite chair and accessories close to the rail.
  • Now that you have selected a spot or rearranged the things, measure the altitude of the deck rail. Prepare the PVC tube and a sharp cutter. Place the tube next to the rail and measure a length exactly the same with the rail. Now mark the tube using a felt tip marker. Lay down the tube on the surface of the deck and measure about two-inch allowance on the tube length starting from the mark. This is where you will have to cut.
  • Bore preferably five holes on the tube to give it a solid foundation during windy days. Provide spaces approximately five to six inches in distance after every hole. Make sure that the holes are properly aligned.
  • At the base of the PVC pipe, insert a nut. Attach and secure holes through the pipe in appropriate angles. By inserting a pip or a nut and with secure holes, the adjustment of the umbrella pole will be controlled. It also keeps the pole from sliding down the pipe.
  • Set the PVC tube against the rail vertically and start attaching using screws. Insert matching screws on every hole. Make sure to tighten all screws to avoid the materials from falling apart. Finally, insert the umbrella pole inside the PVC pipe.

So there! It’s as easy and as simple as can be. You now have a nice shade to keep you and your loved ones protected from the sweltering rays of the sun. Go get a good book, settle down into your favorite chair with your favorite refreshment and enjoy your day!


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