How To Build a Driftwood Fence

Do you want a fence around your property? Are you thinking of putting a beautiful rustic touch to it? Well, it is certainly wonderful to consider a fence made of driftwood. All you need to do is select the suitable pieces of driftwood and decide on how to you can effectively fasten them. You can even set off your imagination by creatively combining the various pieces of driftwood. Here are some suggestions on how you can build a driftwood fence:

  • Work out your plan. Find out the exact measurement of the area that you need to fence. Estimate the amount of materials that you have to gather. Bear in mind that there should be a corresponding vertical post for every 7 feet. It is important to put a large driftwood as a vertical post. So, determine the number of large pieces necessary to enclose your entire perimeter of your property.
  • Collect your driftwood. Schedule your trip to the beach. Head down there and scour the driftwood for your fence. Prefer the sturdy ones. See to it that the pieces you collect are fairly similar or uniform in terms of their length and thickness. You also need to challenge yourself to gather enough number of large pieces for your vertical posts.
  • Mark your perimeter. Get some strings or twines. Use them to properly mark the covered area. You should also designate the parts where the posts are to be sunk. You should distance the posts depending on the actual number of driftwood that you have or the type that you have found.
  • Prepare your driftwood. Cut the pieces so they can all have similar lengths. The end of the driftwood that you cut should be the end that you should bury into the ground. The end that bears the more natural part should be left at the top.
  • Set up your post holes. Get a fence-post digger. If the ground is soft, a shovel can easily do the job. Start digging. The post holes should be at least 1 ½ feet deep. That specific depth can provide stability to your fence. You should also take into consideration the water drainage. It is a practical idea to pour sand or gravel at the bottom of your post holes. About an inch of sand of gravel is already great.
  • Position your posts. Begin inserting them into their respective holes. Ascertain that everything is uniformly leveled. They should look straight. Once you have inserted a post, pack dirt into the hole. Do it as tightly as you can.
  • Form your fence railings. Gather the remaining pieces. Position them horizontally against your posts. You have some options on how you can properly fasten your railings. You have to factor in the overall look that you wish to achieve for your driftwood fence. You can use a fishing line, a twine, or a metal wire. Obviously, the metal wire is hard-wearing. Because of the elements, you may need to change the fishing line and the twine every now.

Even if your driftwood fence is already complete, you can still spruce it up. You can give it a more organic and natural touch. You can plant some climbing plants or some vines in some spots around the fence.


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