How To Build a Flower Bed Water Fountain

Water fountains are great landscaping additions to any garden. The sound of running water is a calming delight and adds a new layer of freshness and beauty to go with your roses, daisies and blossoms. It serves to transform you blooming garden into a miniature oasis. The best part is you do not even have to call in a professional to build your flower bed water fountain because you yourself can do the job with minimal to no assistance. You already have a green thumb so this something you can definitely do. Here is how to build a flower bed water fountain:

  • The pot and the pump. The most important things in your flower bed water fountain are your pot or water container and fountain pump. Use a waterproof water container like a terracotta pot, urn or barrel. It has to be taller than your flowers so that it is visible within the flowerbed. Also, it has to have only one hole in the middle. Patch up all other holes with cement or make one with a power drill if it does not have one. The hole must be big enough for the power cord of the fountain pump to fit through. Make sure to get a small-sized water fountain pump and it is resistant to grounding. Remember that the pump should always be submerged in water.
  • Selecting a location. Choose a shady area where you can put your water container. You do not want it out in the sun because the water will evaporate quickly. Make sure that it is not an area where lots of leaves and debris fall or they could damage the pump. Dirt can also get into the vents. It also has to have an electrical socket within reach but make sure that the socket never gets wet.
  • Prepping the site. Clear the area in your flower bed where you are to set the water container. Level the area with a gardening hoe. Surround the pot with rocks, gravel and sand so that it does not rock. It should not to tip over. This also provides excellent drainage to guard against rot.
  • Installing the fountain. Place the water container inside the area you prepped. Put the fountain pump inside gently at the bottom and turn it on if it has a switch. Pass the cord out through the hole and lead it to the electrical socket but do not plug it in yet. Add rocks to the bottom of the pot to keep the pump in place. Be careful not to damage it or cover the vents. They can also help support any water plants you decide to put in the pot. Fill it with water but don’t make it overflow. Plug it in and check if the fountain is working properly. If it is, you are good to go.

Building your own flower bed water fountain is very easy. Add more in other areas if you wish. This is a simple addition that will transform your backyard into a garden paradise.


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