How To Build a Folding Wall Mounted Desk Table

Wall mounted desk tables are very useful fixtures. They can be used for a variety of things such as writing, drawing and studying. You can also use them to temporary support television sets, food trays and lamps. The best part is they take up very little space when not in use so that it never becomes a waste of space. Building one is actually very easy even if you have never picked up a hammer and nail before. Here is how to build a folding wall mounted desk table:

  • What you will need. Four woodscrew eye bolts, a hook and eye latch sandpaper, two heavy door hinges, a saw, enough sturdy chain, wood stain (polyurethane), and MDF lumber (1-inch).
  • Cutting out the desktop. Take your 1-inch MDF lumber. Medium-density fiberboard is denser than plywood and should make for a sturdy desk table. The size you of your desktop totally depends on you. Take out your saw. Be careful when handling it. Always wear protective gloves and safety goggles and keep a firm grip on the saw. Determine the size of your desktop. After you cut it out, make sure to sand it thoroughly until completely smooth, especially the edges and finish it with the polyurethane stain. Take it to one side and place it on top of a pile of newspapers to let it dry.
  • Installing the hinges and eye bolts. The height from the floor to your wall mounted desk table is up to you, depending on how high or low you want it to be. Once you have determined that, you can now install the door hinges on your wall. Line them up parallel to the floor at the height you want your desk to be. They should be spaced out evenly on opposite ends, approximating the width of your desktop and should open downward. They have to be secured properly to the wall so they do not fall. The eye bolts go above the hinges at the height matching the measurements of your desktop. Install the remaining woodscrew eye bolts on your desktop in the correct spots, matching the width of the eye bolts on the wall and about an inch away from the edge of the desktop.
  • Mounting your desk table. The table goes into the wall at the hinges. Screw them in correctly or else they won’t be able to support the heavy wooden desk. Level it so that it is even and parallel to the floor. Connect the eye bolts on the desk to the eye bolts on the wall using the chain. Make sure that there is enough chain to support the desk and to keep it level. Attach the hook and eye latch to your table and to the wall. When you are finished using the table, raise it and secure the hook to latch

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? It is not at all difficult to build your own wall mounted desk table. You can complete the entire project in one afternoon. Save money on furniture and save on space with this handy fixture.


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