How To Build a Gate from Treated Wood Panels

If you have a wooden privacy fence made of treated wood panels, you can easily build a matching gate from left over materials. You may have bought the lot next door and want to have easy access to it despite already erecting a fence. Having it removed can be costly and will be a waste of a perfectly good fence. With enough wood and the right tools, you can punch right on through your fence and make a door. Here is how to build a gate from treated wood panels:

  • Gathering your materials. For this job you will need extra treated wood panels, a power drill, a circular saw, wood screws, safety goggles, a tape measuring device, gate hinges, a gate latch, and a gate handle. Be careful when using the saws and the power drill.
  • Determining the size of the gate. Decide how big you want your gate to be. Take your measuring device and measure the width of your proposed gate. Make sure that the gate is a few inches shorter than the rest of the fence. Examine the wood panels and determine where to best add a new gate. Make sure that, whether you are building the gate in a gap between your fences or inserting it into the fence that it fits perfectly. There has to be about a half of an inch of space between the gate and the adjacent wood panels on both sides. You may need your saw to create enough space for the gate.
  • Cutting out a gate. Once you are done with your measurements, mark your treated wood panel so that you have a visible outline of the gate. Use a framing square to guide you. Then use your saw to cut out the gate. You should cut through the vertical pickets only. Guide it properly and steadily, you do not want to make a mistake or lose control of the saw.
  • Making the brace. You will need to make a brace for your gate so that it does not end up sagging. Measure from the top right hand corner of your gate to the bottom left hand corner and then you need to take a piece of wood that is approximately a little bit shorter than this so that you can fit it diagonally between the two corners. Use a power drill to screw it to the back of the gate. Add two more pieces of wood to the top and bottom of the back gate horizontally to form a “Z.”
  • Creating the gate. Take your gate hinges and screw them on to the face of your gate. Make sure that you have hinges on the top and bottom of the same side of the face of your gate. Lift it up to the correct position and have someone keep it in place. It has to be a few inches above the ground. Attach the hinges to the adjacent fence post. Make sure they are screwed on tight. Attach the latching mechanism and you are done.

Making improvements to the fixtures around your house is easy if you know how to do it. Follow the steps above and you too can build a gate from treated wood panels without having to call in for help.


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