How To Build a Grapevine Arbor

Grapevine arbors, similar to the popular trellis, are really a multifunctional structure that can both provide you both beauty and practicality. The beauty part points to the fact that having plants that climb and spread just like a typical grapevine can be such a beautiful and wonderful sight to liven up even the dullest backyard of the home. With regards to the practicality of it all, well, with a grapevine arbor in your backyard, you can start planting vines and the like that can produce fruits which you can opt to either consume or maybe even sell for profit. However, getting back to the point, if you want to build a grapevine arbor for your backyard, know that the task is actually really simple and anyone with a basic knowledge of carpentry and accomplish it. Here are some simple steps for to build a simple grapevine arbor.

  • Determine a location. The first step in building yourself and nice and simple grapevine arbor starts by selecting the location to build it on. Although, having the arbor somewhere beside your house may be appealing due to the aesthetic qualities it provides, it can sometimes become risky if you do not train the vines to stay within a certain limitation. You will not want vines to start clinging and spreading along the outer walls of your house. This being said, it might be safer to choose a location a few meters away from your house like in the backyard along your garden perhaps.
  • Set the foundations. Once the location is set, start the digging. Dig about 6 holes along a straight line at about 2 feet deep. Each hole should have a distance of about 4 to 6 feet from the next hole. The hole you dig should be big enough to allow a 4X4 wooden post to fit into it. To dig the holes, use a metal digger that provides a similar thickness to the wooden posts you plan to insert later on. Once the holes are dug, insert the 4X4 posts in each hole. You will need a total of six posts all in all. Once the posts are inserted, stabilize them by adding cement or concrete. Fill the remaining space left in the hole with the concrete.
  • Form a T. Once the posts have been stabilized, get 6 2X4 posts and position it on top of each post to form the letter T. Set these on the posts by drilling holes in the center where the posts meet the 2X4 wood and bolting it in place with screws. You may use a hammer and nails if you feel this is a better fit. In the end, make sure the 2X4s are stable and immovable on top of the posts.
  • Set the line. To complete the grapevine arbor, set a simple clothesline along the letter T posts. Three lines should do, one in the center and two at each side. Set the clotheslines in place by fastening hooks on each T post and tying it there. Make sure the lines are tight and not sagging.

Now that you have a simple grapevine arbor, it is now time to train your grapevine to climb, cling, and spread along this newly constructed arbor. Sooner or later, your garden will be filled with vines bearing fruit and looking wonderful and classy.


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