How To Build a Log Fence

To build a log fence, begin by installing 24" long wood stakes at each end of the run and drawing a string line tight between the stakes, approximately 12” above the grade. Lay out the fence posts by driving additional stakes 8’ apart, next to the string line. Begin measuring from one the end stake and set the layout stakes. before digging, check the distances between the stakes and adjust so that all distances are the same. This will ensure a uniform appearance of the fence. Once the layout is complete, dig a post footing 12” in diameter and 36” deep at each stake location.

The fence posts should be 9’ in length, (approximately 3’ will be below grade, into the concrete footing, and 6’ will be above the grade). The posts will be smooth rounds, 10” in diameter with a 6” wide recessed channels along each side to receive the 6” diameter smooth log fencing.

Set the posts in the footing holes and plumb with a 4' level or by eye, securing each post temporarily with small bits of concrete rip-rap or rocks at the base of the footing. Twist the posts to align the channels with the fencing run. Re-check the measurements between the posts and adjust the post spacing if necessary so that the posts are equal distant from each other at the base.

Mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow by adding the mix to water, vs. adding water to the mix. Begin with approximately (3) gallons of water for a 90 lb bag of dry concrete mix. Add water as needed for a flowing, but not soupy consistency. Pour each footing to flush at the top of the footing hole. Once all footings are poured, and before the concrete sets, plumb each post to true using the level and adjust the alignment of the channels if necessary. Allow the concrete to cure for 24 hours before installing any fencing.

To install the log fencing, set up saw horses and lay out several lengths, align the ends.

Next, take dimensions of each of the spaces and cut the first course of logs to approximately ½”less than the span from inside the channels. This will allow for ease in placing the logs, and still provide for secure attaching of each log to the posts.

Slide the logs in place and attach with 4” galvanized box nails or 4” galvanized wood screws.

Drive (2) nails or screws on an angle, through the top of the log and into the post channel. Repeat this process until the first course is complete.

Next, continue to layout and size the fencing and install in the same manner, ensuring that the attachments are fast and the logs secure.

Once the fencing is complete, a wood cap may be placed atop each post if desired.

Apply 2 coats of exterior wood sealer to all surfaces, allowing each coat to cure per the manufacturers recommendations.


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