How To Build a Pergola on a Concrete Slab

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A pergola, which is a man-made framework which supports plant growth and provides shade, can be an excellent addition to any backyard patio or garden.  Building a pergola is relatively easy, although installing one into an existing concrete slab can be somewhat difficult.  This article gives the steps needed in how to build a pergola on a concrete slab.
The first step in how to build a pergola on a concrete slab is to design your pergola.  Most pergolas have four support beams which are located at the corners of the patio.  From there, pergola designs vary significantly.  Most pergolas build some sort of roof to provide shade and allow plants to grow.
After designing a pergola, the next step in how to build a pergola on a concrete slab is to gather necessary supplies.  To build a pergola into a concrete slab, you will need a jackhammer (or other tool to dig into the concrete), a saw, wet concrete, a hammer, nails, and wood to meet your design.

After obtaining all necessary supplies, the next step in how to build a pergola on a concrete slab is to cut the existing concrete and dig the holes for the pergola.  Depending on the strength of the concrete, this may require the jackhammer.  You will need to dig a hole for each of the support posts that you need.  If your supports posts are going to be 4x4’s then you will need to dig a hole of at least 12 inches deep, wide, and long.
Once the holes are dug, then next step requires installing the wooden posts.  To do this, you will need to stand up the wooden posts in the holes.  Once you are ensured they are level and balanced, pour in the wet concrete and allow it to dry around the posts.  While the concrete is drying, you will need to find some apparatus to keep the posts steady.
After the posts are installed, the next step in how to build a pergola on a concrete slab is to build the pergola to meet your design specifications.  Most likely, your design will require you to connect existing posts from the top of each post, to the top of the other posts.  This will need to be done with some hardwood, and will require either a nail and hammer or drill and screw to secure the wood.  Further hardwood beams can be easily installed to help meet your design specification.
If you desire adding ivy or vines to your pergola, this process can be started by putting in new plants near the base of the four support beams.  Over time, the ivy or vines will grow and begin to cling to the beams in your pergola.


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