How To Build a Raised Garden Box

What you are planting will decide what size of a raised garden box you are going to need to make. Some plants will require a deeper box and therefore will need to have a larger depth than other plants would need. A tomato plant will need less room in a raised garden box then a rose bush or plant would need in a raised garden box.

You will first want to purchase the wood that it will take to create a raised garden box. The first thing that you will need is to find a pattern that will show you exactly how to place the wood and what goes where. If you do not want to follow a pattern and want to do it on your own you can do this as well. The first thing that you are going to need to do is to find the length and width that you will want to build your raised garden box to be. If you want to place a raised garden box to fit the length of your steps in front of your house you will want to purchase some landscaping timbers that they sell at a number of garden centers all over and then bring them home and cut them to the exact size that you want them to be.

Let’s assume we want to create the raised garden box in the shape of a rectangle and want it to measure 2 feet wide by 3 feet long and we want to use a depth of 1 foot or 2 feet depending on what you are planting. You will need to drill a hole through the landscaping timbers that will allow you to connect the timbers together with a galvanized rebar rod that will connect the layers of timber together. Once you have drilled the holes and placed the rebar into the holes and attached a bolt to the needs of the rebar you will need to begin to fill the box with dirt.

Once you have filled the box up to the size of dirt you want you will need to place the plants into the raised garden box. You will need to leave enough room in the box to plant the plants and to allow for more dirt to be placed into the box to make sure that the roots are covered up inside the raised garden box. These raised garden boxes are great ideas to display a number of flowers while not having to dig up your hole yard. You can plant any number of plants in the raised garden plants and can even create a vegetable garden in the raised garden box. Since the raised garden box does not have a bottom on the box it will allow for rain water to soak into the garden as well as allowing water you place in the garden to run through and seep into the earth as well.


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