How To Build a Simple Bamboo Garden Attraction

To spice up a dull and boring garden, adding a bamboo garden attraction creates a unique look.  Creating this attraction is very simple and will take less than an hour to build. Bamboo is extremely tough therefore this simple bamboo attraction will last for many years to come.  Supplies can be easily found in local craft stores and local home improvement stores for less than $25.00.  Another wonderful thing about building a bamboo attraction is actually creating the piece itself.  You can add more bamboo, use less bamboo, make the attraction a lot larger than the instructions call for or you can even create a miniature version for smaller gardens.


Four bamboo poles (approx. 4-6inches in diameter)

  • two bamboo poles need to be the same size (approx 60” tall)
  • one bamboo pole approx. 45”
  • one bamboo pole approx. 40”

Durable twine
Stepping stones (between 5-8)
Bamboo wind chime

Step #1:  Pick the location for the bamboo garden attraction.  An ideal area for the attraction would be in an open but semi-private place.

Step #2:  Decide on the width for the bamboo garden attraction.  Normally a good width would be about as wide as an average archway.  This will make it easily accessible.

Step #3:  Place two bamboo poles into the ground.  These poles should be around 4 to 6 inches in diameter.  The height of these poles will help in determining how tall you want the attraction to be.  It is important to make sure the two bamboo poles in the ground are deep enough, so they will not be blown out of the grown.

Step #4:  *Assistance will be needed for this step*  Pre-measure the third bamboo pole to make sure the ends will stick out a few inches on each side. Have a helping hand hold a third bamboo pole across the two poles previous put into the ground.  The third pole should be about 2 to 3 inches from the top of the vertical poles.  Tie the horizontal pole in a criss-cross design with some type of strong and durable twine.  This will add a decorative touch as well as securing the poles together.

Step #5:  Using the same technique with the twine (the criss-cross pattern) attach a shorter bamboo pole about 12 inches below the first horizontal pole.  The ends of this pole should not stick out as far as the one in Step #4.

Step #6:  Add a finishing touch to complete the bamboo garden attraction.  A bamboo wind chime of some kind would be a perfect addition.

Step #7:  Using stepping stones can be a nice touch that will act as a walkway, leading to the bamboo attraction.  Home improvement stores carry a large selection of stepping stones.


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