How To Build a Stockade Fence

There are a number of reasons for building stockade fence. You can use a stockade fence when attempting to hold a animal in a certain area rather than allowing them to run all throughout the yard and neighbor’s yards, or you may want to keep children in a confined area as well. You will need to purchase a number of items before starting to build your stockade fence.

Before you begin you will need to go into the area that you are looking to build a fence in and dig a couple of holes. The holes should be approximately 3 feet apart and should be a minimum of one foot deep. Once you have dug the holes you will then need to place a significant amount of concrete into the hole and immediately place the fence post into the concrete. Once you have done this you will need to allow for the fence posts to get hard and this will take a matter of one day at the least to a couple of days at the latest.

Once the posts have set and you apply a small amount of pressure to the posts and they do not move you will now get ready to put the fencing in place. You will need to have purchased a number of 2x4’s to be used in creating your stockade fence. Let’s say that we are fencing a yard along 3 sides and the other side is going to be your home and this fence will meet the back of your home. Let’s say for example that your back yard that you are building a fence around is 21 feet in length and the width of the yard is 28 feet. You will want to have spaced your fence posts 3 feet apart.

Since these are your measurements you will then have to have purchased a large quantity of 2x4’s that should be 7 feet in length. Once you have them aligned on your fence post you will want to make sure that they are level and then screw them into the posts. To do this you will want to have made sure that the height of your fence is as high as you liked it to be. So let’s use 6 feet as an example. You will want to have your supports that are going to run the length of 7 feet placed exactly 2 feet apart in the height of the posts. Once you have them secured you will then want to place your fence slats in place.

You will need to decide if you want your fence slats touching one another or if you want to place them a inch or 2 apart. No matter how far apart you want your stockade fence slats apart the concept is the same. You will need to screw the slats into the supports that you attached to the posts. In some instances you will want the slats touching the ground but if this is not going to be used to hold a animal in then you can allow for a couple of inches to be left between the ground and where your fence slats will be. You will need to continue going around the yard until all the fence slats are in place. Once you have done this and made sure the corners have meet the edge of the home you will have completed building a stockade fence.


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