How To Build a Tile Roof

Installing roof tiles

Have you experienced having leaks in your roof whenever a strong storm is making its presence felt in your area? This experience can be really annoying and nerve-wracking at times. This may disrupt all your household activities and can really be problematic if not solved immediately. Once you check the root of the problematic leaks, you may find out that it emanates from the roof of your house whose tiles may be worn out. Before you know it, you will see yourself doing major repairs with the tiles in your house roofing.

The tile roof of your house is very important in dictating the atmosphere and sense of security you can get from your house. With the different colors available for tile roofs, you can ensure fire safety in your house because some tiles have a solar reflectance function which helps with insulation. Other tiles enable greater air circulation so your house will be cooler. Building a tile roof is often the realm of a professional contractor, but if you are capable of do-it-yourself construction, you can have a go yourself.

Prepare the needed materials for the construction. In building a tile roof, you will need several materials, including a corrugated board, hard sticks made of any material, wall putty, knives, super glues, large scissors, water, an old painting brush (but a new one will do), and paints. Have these things ready and make sure that they are in good working condition.

Prepare roof trusses. Roof trusses are several triangular units which form thin members. The members form the nodes, which are the convergence point of the members. Since roof trusses already come in pre-fabricated forms, they can be readily inserted into its appropriate position. Meanwhile, if you are re-roofing or repairing an older building, you can utilize rafters and purloins which are two of the most commonly used materials in roof construction. It is also crucial that you know the loading capacity of the trusses. If the weight of it is too heavy for the truss of the rafter, your roof might get damaged easily. If you are only re-roofing, the roof structure should be placed closely with one another to tighten its grip.

Attach the tiles. Once the trusses have been already prepared, attach the tiles to these. Use the glue in attaching the tiles, preferably beginning from left to right. Do this row after row with the tiles from the succeeding row overlapping with the tiles already glued in the preceding rows. Make sure also that the tiles in every row are aligned with one another. Do this until the whole roof has been covered.

Do the finishing touches. As a finishing touch to the tile roof, you can paint it with your preferred color. Once the paint dries, you will then need to weather the surface by washing it with water. After this, your tile roof is already done!

Tile roof provides convenience to your living. Aside from giving you a sense of security it also gives your house an aesthetic appeal which your neighbors might find enviable.


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