How To Build a Wood Storage Cart

Riding wooden cart

Every home needs more storage space. Although you can purchase storage containers at most stores, some people are interested in building storage spaces themselves - a wood storage cart. This article tells you how to build a wood storage cart.

Blocks of Wood

Whether or not you wish to build small multiple wooden crates or just one, you going to need sixty blocks of wood. You will need tree wood which you can find at plant or tree nurseries. The blocks of wood must be cut about 1 inches thick, see if anyone at a plant or tree nursery will be willing to do so for you. Once the blocks are in cut in 1 inch thick parts, you need to quarter it four ways before you cut it again in 1/2 inch thick slices.

Lengthening Ruler

When building a wood storage cart you are going to need a lengthening ruler. One with a steel handle is best for long usage. You are going to need a lengthening ruler to establish the exact measurements of the sides of the wood storage cart. Basic sides sizes are 9 X12, 10 X 14, and 12X 12.

Box Framing

When building a wood storage cart you are going to need to box frame the cart. Box framing is when you make sure the box is an exact square. How you do so is by doing three things: forming square lines around the storage cart to form a square, to circle the cart in order to reform the square, and to measure the square exactly, usually in inches.


When building a wood storage cart you going to need twenty sanders, which you can find at your local hardware store. You going to need the sanders for four reasons: to smooth the sides of the cart, to relax the wood so that it is soft to the touch, to get rid of dust, and to smooth away any unwanted wood bits. Sanding should take up to five days, you want to make sure that the wooden storage cart is as smooth as possible so no items you store in it is damaged.

Spray Paint

When building a wood storage cart you are going to need spray paint. You going to need three to seven cans of wood spray paint. The come in dark brown, light brown, tan and crème. Make sure the spray paint has paint oil in it and no lead. You are going to need to spray the wooden storage cart three or four times, for a finished paint look. Make sure you wait a day or two between coatings. Give three or four days before the spray paint completely dries before adding a spray paint sealer.


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