How To Build an Affordable Hanging Pot Rack

A beautiful home should consist of well-organized furniture inside it. Every household needs a decent cabinet or rack for utensils especially around the kitchen area. Scattered kitchenware would really look nasty and dirty if not gathered well. In line with this, it’s a necessity to have a good kitchen pot rack in your kitchen. Making your own kitchen rack won’t cost a lot of money; in fact, you can even use recycled materials or some scrap wood.

  • Prepare the materials. These are the things you will need: Non-pressure treated 2x4 lumber, 3-inch wood screws, drill, screw hooks, a length of chain and paint.
  • Plan your kitchen pot rack. First, you must decide what kind of pot rack you are going to build. Consider the kind of design you want for it. It can be something that you will hang from the ceiling if you want to save up some spaces. A kitchen pot rack that is hung over your counter or island could be a good idea. Placing it over your counter will be the most accessible part when doing chores around kitchen. Also it can be something that would line together with your kitchen cabinets.
  • Cut the lumber. Pick the lumber that you will use for your pot rack and cut it according to your desired size. Using a pencil sketch the line where you are going to cut the lumber to make a straight line and to make an accurate size when you cut it. Cut two pieces for your pot rack length and another two pieces for the width. The size would depend on your desired measurements.
  • Put the wood pieces together. Now that you are done cutting each piece you may now screw them together or just nail them using a hammer. Put together the pieces of lumber or wood to make a square or rectangular shaped figure.
  • Create the beams. Then cut another piece of lumber to make your beam for your pot rack. You have to measure across the width of the square where you will attach the beam. It is recommended to make at least 3 beams for the pot rack. It will make your rack stronger and more stable, to ensure that it will last and can hold heavy materials. Then start attaching the beams to its proper location.
  • Position the pot rack. When you are done building the pot rack you can attach it on your desired location in the kitchen. If it is designed to be hanging make sure that you attach it on a strong material in the ceiling for safety. Find some studs in your ceiling then screw it to fix it there. Use at least four screws to connect it to the ceiling so you can be sure that it is strong without worrying yourself that it might fall.
  • Add the finishing touches. You may add some screw hooks on the pot rack. You may also apply paint if want to. It will add beauty to your kitchen pot rack. Then it’s done.

Now that you have your kitchen pot rack you don’t have to worry about too much mess around the kitchen. You now have plenty of storage that you can use. You can even add some decoration for your pot rock to make it more elegant. You can cover it with cloth or fabric materials that can match other furniture around your house. Good luck!


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