How To Build Coffee Table Legs

A central focus point of many living rooms and family rooms is a coffee table.  Coffee tables, which are normally placed in front of a couch or chair, are often used to store and display items, but are also used for informal dining occasions.  Unfortunately, well built coffee tables that are made out of quality wood often cost hundreds of dollars.  To save money, many people choose to make coffee tables.  The most complicated part of making a coffee table is making the legs.  This article will give you the step needed in how to make coffee table legs.
The first step in how to make coffee table legs is to design your coffee table legs.  You will need to ensure the legs are long enough to give your table proper height and that they are thick enough to provide enough support to adequately handle everything you plan to stack on your coffee table.
After the design is complete, the next step in how to make coffee table legs is to gather supplies.  The most important of all supplies is the wood.  You will need at least four thick blocks of wood that are long enough to meet design specifications, but the type of wood selected is important.  The most popular types of wood for coffee tables and their legs are Oak, Mahogany, Maple, and Pine.  The wood for the legs should match the rest of the table.  To make the legs you will also need a saw, a router, sandpaper, measuring tape, clamps, and wood finisher.

After collecting all necessary supplies, the next step in how to make coffee table legs is to cut and shape the legs.  Using a table saw cut the legs to their appropriate length.  Using a miter or circular saw, you will be able to carve out and style the legs to meet your design specifications.  Be sure to accurately draw cut lines on the wood prior to cutting.  Uneven legs will lead to an unbalanced coffee table.
After cutting the legs, the next step in how to make coffee table legs is to sand the legs.  Be sure to sand the bottom support of the legs and along the sides of the legs.  Sanding the legs will give them a smooth finished look.  If you have hardwood floors that can be scratched, you may want to place some fabric on the bottom of the legs so they don’t scratch your floors.
The last step in how to make coffee table legs is to stain the legs.  Apply the same wood finisher as you did to the rest of the table.  After applying a coat of stain be sure to allow 12 hours for the coat to properly dry before installing the legs.


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