How To Build Cube Shelves

A new popular home shelving option is cube shelves.  Cube shelves are essentially cube shaped wooden boxes that don’t have a front or a back and are used to display items such as books, movies, photographs, and other decorations.  Cube shelves are normally hung on a wall, but can also be stacked and placed in corners of a room.  Cube shelves can be purchased fairly inexpensively in home decoration stores, but almost anyone can build their own cube shelves with minimal effort and time.  This article gives the steps and hints needed in how to build cube shelves.
The first step in how to build cube shelves is to gather all necessary supplies.  To build cube shelves you will need wood (normally plywood), nails, wood glue, a saw, a hammer, hanging brackets, and wood stain or finisher.  Your supplies may differ based on your design specifications, but the items listed above should be all you need to build cube shelves.
The next step in how to build cube shelves is to cut the wood.  Using either a band saw or a hand saw you will want to cut four even squares out of the wood.  The wood squares are normally around 4 inches wide by 4 inches long.  Cutting the wood is quite possibly the most important step in the process as uneven pieces of wood will lead to an unbalanced cube.  After you have cut the wood, be sure to sand down the sides and edges of each piece of wood to ensure that it is smooth.

The next step in how to build cube shelves is to attach the wood.  Using small one inch nails, carefully connect each of the four pieces of wood together so it forms a cube shape.  The front and back of the cube should be open.  If you are building multiple cubes and want to connect them to each other, then now is the time to do so.  Wood glue may also be used to connect the pieces of wood together.
After connecting the pieces of wood together and forming a cube, the next step in how to build cube shelves is to style the wood.  Using either wood finisher or a stain apply a coat to all sides of the wood and allow it to dry for at least 12 hours.  After it has dried, you can apply one or more coats until it meets your design specifications.
The last step in how to build cube shelves is to hang them on the wall.  To hang the cube shelves on the wall you will need some hanging brackets or another support system.  Be sure each cube shelf is adequately installed prior to displaying any objects within the shelf.


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