How To Build Eco-friendly Furniture

As the world becomes more environmentally cautious, many people are taking steps to ensure that they are doing as much as they can to improve the Earth’s condition.  This includes recycling, taking public transportation, and not purchasing environmentally damaging products.  Another way people are showing their environmental consciousness is by purchasing eco-friendly furniture.  Unfortunately, this type of furniture is difficult to find and can be expensive.  Fortunately, many people can make their own eco-friendly furniture without spending nearly as much money.  This article gives the steps and hints needed in how to make eco-friendly furniture.
The first step in how to make eco-friendly furniture is to select the proper type of wood for the base of your furniture.  When choosing environmentally friendly wood you should look for wood which is being sent from a sustainable location.  Sustainable locations are those where the timber company plants a new tree for every tree they dig up.  Most mills and lumber yards will be able to tell you which lumber has come from a sustainable forest.  You also may be able to purchase some recycled wood that is previously used but not damaged.

After selection the right wood, the next step in how to make eco-friendly furniture is to choose environmentally friendly fabrics.  You should first aim to select vintage fabrics which are either recycled fabrics or can be recycled.  Other fabrics, such as bamboo based fabric or cotton, are also good options because they almost always come from sustainable locations.
The next step in how to make eco-friendly furniture is to select environmentally safe decorating and sealing products.  Many paints, stains, wood finishers, and glues are designed with organic compounds that are quite harmful to the environment.  When building a piece of eco-friendly furniture you should look for products which boast that they are a green version of the harsher products.
Once all of the supplies are collected, the next step in how to make eco-friendly furniture is to gain an understanding of how to use these products.  Environmentally friendly products are often slightly different than the non green version, which causes differences in their usage.  For example, environmentally safe paints and stains can have different drying requirements then their hazardous counterparts.  Also, some green fabrics such as hemp tend to shrink unless they are pre-washed.
Once all of the supplies are collected and you understand how to use them, the next step in how to make eco-friendly furniture is to build the furniture.  The actual process of building eco-friendly furniture is very similar to that of building traditional furniture.  Some environmentalists choose to build their furniture without the use of power tools or heavy machinery, which can take a lot of energy to use.


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