How To Build Gazebos

Do you want to stay longer in your garden in order to appreciate it more, but you can’t stand the harsh sunlight that long? One great solution is to set up a gazebo. This would provide you a cool refuge from the heat of the sun, while you enjoy the more pleasant sights and sounds of your yard. Another idea is to hold small parties (think outdoor barbeque or mid-afternoon tea) right in your gazebo. Here are some of the easiest steps for building:

  • Determine the area that you want your gazebo to be in. Find a spot in your garden; it’s recommended that it’s on a flat surface, and that it’s in a shady area (for maximum relief from the heat).
  • Determine the size. Of course, the size will depend on two major factors: the first is your purposes for building the gazebo (that is, whether you’d be building it as a private nook or as a spot for get-togethers); and the second is the size of your lawn. You might want to take a tape measure out to your yard so you can gauge just how big you’d want it to be.
  • Sketch your plan. Browse through different pictures so you can get an idea about different designs. Then, get a sketch pad and begin drawing the general design and style that you want. If you’re fairly new at building, you might want to stick to as simple design such as the classic beam-and-post frame.
  • Procure the necessary materials. The best and fastest solution is to purchase handy gazebo-building kits available at most home improvement and hardware stores. These kits have the necessary materials and detailed instructions based on the particular design they were made for. Though these kits come with the basic materials, you will need to procure your own tools and equipment, as well as the materials for finishing (such as paint and varnish) and screen netting.
  • Assemble the floor. This would be your first step in the actual building of the structure. Depending on the kit that you purchase, you might need to pour concrete flooring on the spot where you will be building; however, most would need only wood flooring that you can assemble through panels. Most gazebo floors have an octagonal shape; for easy assembling, there is an exterior rim as well as a support block at the center, and then you would have to place the wooden paneling in a way that it would fit in between these two support frames.
  • Assemble the walls. Once you’ve completed the floor, the next step is the walls. Make sure that you screw the wood parts very securely, and you might need to add in a gusset to prevent the walls from being rickety.
  • Install the roof. Fasten the foundations of the room at the tops of the walls. Then, put in the specially-cut rafters going from the walls’ edges towards the center of the structure; this would be the framework for the wooden sheets that would serve as the roof. Secure them by nailing them on. Once these sheets are in place, you could install the shingles.
  • Add the finishing touches. Once the gazebo’s structure is done, it’s time for the more pleasant parts – adding the design. Paint the exterior and interior as you like, and add screen panels to keep the bugs away.

Buying ready-made kits will help cut the amount of effort and time spent on this project. It is necessary to have more than one person on hand to help.


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