How To Build Movable Walls

If you are in need of additional living space but you don’t have the time, money or inclination to build an addition or renovate your home, you can expand your options with movable wall systems.

Movable wall systems can help you make the most of any space without committing to major renovation and they require simple installation of ceiling and floor brackets that allow the paneled walls to move from one side of the room to the other. By adding a temporary movable wall, you can turn one large room into two bedrooms or create a combination of office space and living space from one large open room. Movable wall systems are ideal for situations where the need to carve out a different configuration of space is only temporary.  It is easy to install temporary movable wall? Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

Decide on the location: Identify the exact area of the room where you would like to place the movable wall and begin by making a draft or a rough sketch. This will help you get a better idea of how to divide the space and how it may be used. Take accurate measurements of the existing space, with locations of doorways and windows, and check to be sure that the ceiling is strong enough to support a ceiling track.

Step 2

Take correct measurements from ceiling to floor:  Based on the draft you have created, begin taking measurements starting from the ceiling where the track will be installed, down to the floor where the railing will be affixed. Consider the type of system you wish to use. If a paneled system will be used, you will need to take measurements for each target panel.

Step 3

Install the ceiling tracks and railing system: Purchased movable wall systems usually come with a complete set of instructions and fixtures. Generally, you will mark locations on the floor and ceiling as a guide for each fixture and corresponding track and hardware. Set aside a weekend for this task and enlist the help of a friend so that you will have a second perspective and an extra pair of hands to help achieve level installation. Basic tools will be required, such as an electric drill, screwdrivers, a level and T-square, measuring tape and protective eyewear.

Step 4

Affix the panel/wall: Once the tracks have been attached, you will attaché the movable wall panel. Ensure that the panel or wall has been properly inserted into the appropriate corresponding slots in the ceiling tracks and floor rails. To check the installation, try to move the wall as you would in normal usage.

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