How To Build Rock Gardens

A rock garden in your home improves its value. It will also improve the landscaping of your yard and will make your yard more aesthetically pleasing. Rock gardens are also used to cover slope grounds, and to act as a retaining wall for your property. Here are some options and steps you should consider in building a rock garden.

  • Find a suitable location for the rock garden. Choose areas that have poor grass growth or sandy and dry soil. Consider areas that are steep slopes, as the steepness makes it hard for you to cut the grass there. Creating a rock garden in these areas, instead of fixing them, is an option to consider in designing your yard.
  • Your rock garden should have suitable rocks. You should be able to find rocks in the vicinity of your backyard. Store them prior to building your rock garden. Decide their placement in the rock garden, be it in the entrance, at the middle or at the back. You can also find suitable rocks for rock gardens by looking for them in creeks, forests and beaches. You can use these rocks for a pathway, a retaining wall, or for the rock garden itself. You can also shop for ornamental rocks at garden shops.
  • Choose between an elevated, non-elevated, or sunken rock garden. Determine the type of rock garden you are going to make. Elevated rock gardens are advised if you have some biodegradable debris around your yard. Just place this debris in the rock garden area surrounding the rocks. For non-elevated rock gardens, you will need to dig out grass and sod first before placing the rocks and the debris. A sunken rock garden is advised if you have good drainage. You can make a retaining wall using the sod and grass you have dug in making the sunken rock garden.
  • Make a pathway to the rock garden. Decide on the layout of stones to build the pathway to the rock garden, and decide on the location of some ornaments like fountains so they won’t block the pathway.
  • Choose suitable plants, shrubs and trees. You will need to first determine the soil for your rock garden. Choose plants that are not seasonal, so they can look good under different conditions. Use small trees, ornamental shrubs or bushes. Set containers in locations where they will look good. Put rocks near trees and shrubs, but also allow room for the plants to grow, so don’t make the rocks and plants too crowded.
  • Minimal plants mean less effort from you. The plants need to be securely planted. They also need water and fertilizer, as well as compost for retaining moisture. Thus, if you cannot take care of a large number of plants, start with a smaller amount.
  • Choose attractive plants that will fit with your rock garden. Look for attractive plants such as daffodils, crocuses, tulips, daisies, baby’s breath, etc. Choose plants that look and grow well in different seasons. Consider the sunlight and water they will need as well as their height and location.

Add some final touches to the rock garden. You can add more soil to the rock garden. You can also place colored rock chips around the stepping stones. You can add some ornaments that contribute color and variation.


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