How To Build the Basics for a Waterfall or Fountain

Waterfalls or fountains are fantastic additions to any home’s outdoor space. Whether you have built a pagoda in your backyard or a nice and luscious landscape for your front yard, a natural looking waterfall or fountain can really make the entire area more serene, natural, and beautiful. The best thing about the whole enhancing idea is that anyone can actually do it. Yes, you do not need to purchase a readymade fountain or have a contractor create one for you. With enough effort, some materials, and imagination, you can manage it all by your lonesome. Here are some steps you can ponder on.

  • Plan your fountain. First things first, you will want to decide where you want your fountain built. Now, fountains or waterfalls can actually be built anywhere. In fact, with a few materials, you can even build a tabletop waterfall. However, in this case, the process is the same for an outdoor waterfall system for your front or backyard. Scour the area and decide where you want it. Make sure that the area can have access to electricity as you will need for the water pump to work.
  • Dig the soil. Now, that you have chosen the site for your fountain, start digging the soil to fit the basin or tub into. This is where the water will fall. Whip out your shovel and start digging. For the basin or tub, you can choose to use stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic however, ceramic is highly recommended since it can fit into the whole natural theme of an outdoor falls. Once the soil has been dug, place the tub or basin in.
  • Line the piping. Now that you have the basin in the soil, place the submersible water pump in with the pipe going up and out. Don’t worry; you will hide this soon enough. Now, the water pump will need to be connected to the electric current to start working. Make sure to find the right access and to hide the wire from plain view. To cover the pump in the basin or tub, consider placing a mesh or screen at the bottom with the pump and the pipe cleverly hidden underneath.
  • Set the water source. Find another item where the water will travel through and fall from onto the basin. Again, you can use your imagination for this. You can use a rock or a pile of rocks and cleverly hide the pipe behind it or them. You can even use a ceramic jar with a small hole in the bottom and on the side where the water and the pipe can go through. It is totally up to you at this point for as long as you can hide the pipe or the tube from plain sight.
  • Add the water. Once everything is set, add water into the basin and start the pump. This will automatically put the water into constant motion. The pump will suck water in and push it out the pipe thus, becoming a never ending cycle.

To finish the project, add more stones around the basin and near the falls to make it more appealing. Consider adding plants with flowers as well. Again, this is the basic process of creating and building your own waterfalls and fountain system. You can do the same thing for larger or smaller scale projects as well.


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